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Movies & Streaming Video Clips - 4Wheelers Home Videos - Download Free

Jeeps, Broncos, 4x4 Pickup Trucks and SUVs featured in amateur video clips of drivers off-roading. Watch trail riding and four-wheeling over different types of terrain -- rock crawling, mud bogging, trail riding, snow wheeling and off road action from mild to wild. Plus tricks, stunts, and crashes! Download these amateur home movies for free.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Hummer Offroad
Arnold Schwarzenegger playfully abuses Motor Trend editors as part of the Hummer H2 Extreme Adventures.
Bigfoot In The Movies & On TV
For Monster Truck fans, here's listing of all the movies that Bigfoot has been in, as well as various television commercials and appearances.
Bigfoot Monster Jump
A spectacular evening jump in the Bigfoot Monster Truck.
Bigfoot Monster Jump 2
Another jump in the big monster truck.
Bigfoot's World Record Jump
This is the one the broke the world record.
Bronco II Ride From Inside
This Quicktime movie takes you for a 21 second high-horsepower ride inside a Bronco II.
Bronco Roll
Check out Aaron Matthew's 1988 Ford Bronco Bronco Roll... that's right, a Bronco rolling over in Essex!
Climbing Out Of A Dry Wash
This is an Explorer climbing out of a dry wash.
Grill Grinder
Watch as this Ford Bronco goes head-on into the rocks.
How To Drive Off-Road
Edmunds put together this helpful video, "How to Drive Off-Road with Bill Burke" viewable online. It takes a few seconds to load put, but it's a great how-to video!
In-Car Video Crash
This is fast-paced video footage of an actual offroad crash and roll - viewed from inside the vehicle!
Racing Bronco
Check out this '72 Ford Bronco tearing it up in the great outdoors.
Rock Crawling Clip
A long-playing video clip of some rock crawling championships. Below, you'll find an extremely large collection of full-length desert 4x4 racing videos you can watch online.
Rock Crawling U-Turns & Rollovers
Two movie clips showing a unique way to make a U-turn while rock crawling and a surprise rollover - taken from Mr. Ed's Lower Terminator Video.
White Knuckle Hill
Two video clips (that take awhile to load) from White Knuckle Hill.
White Racer Video Slideshow
Here's a slideshow consisting of 3 different video clips featuring one driver riding in the desert - on wet and dry land.
Zuk/Toy Buggy Stuck in a Small Waterfall
After all the advice from friends, he ends up breaking something.
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