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First Look! Yamaha 2010 ATV Lineup: YZF450X

2010 Yamaha YZF450X SE BB Tight Trail Edition

We got a sneak peak at the new Yamaha lineup including the incredible YZF450X SE BB tight trail sport ATV and the return of the Raptor700R SE, Raptor250 and Raptor90, as well as the YZF450R and the Grizzly 700 FI EPS.

ATVs / Offroading Spotlight10

So you want to race your ATV?

Tuesday April 22, 2014

I had never ridden anything with a motor (my car doesn't count) before I bought my first ATV at 29 years of age.  I had no idea where to ride, so I did what anyone would do - I "googled" where to ride in my area, and several motocross tracks came up.  I did a little more research, found a track that actually allowed quads, and off I went!  Before I left the track that first day of riding, I had already decided I wanted to race my quad.  And that is how it all began for me.....

Now, not everyone who rides a quad wants to race it, but for those of you out there who are like me, and feel you want to try your hand at racing your ATV, but might not know exactly where to start, we have come up with a basic guide to the types of ATV racing available.  Its up to you to decide what looks like the most fun, or the best fit for you - but for now, here are some general ATV racing diciplines to check out - via ATV Racing - What kind of Racing is Available?

2014 Yamaha Viking FI 4x4 Preview

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Yamaha Motor Corp. pretty much started the entire UTV (SxS) shift into popularity back in 2004 with their introduction of the Yamaha Rhino 660.  Designed as a utility vehicle to do work and provide hunters with a way to get in and out of the woods, the powersports consumers gobbled the Rhino up as a versatile and fun trail and dune machine.  The Rhino basically started a UTV revolution, and now here we are - 2014 - and the SxS market is booming and threatening to overtake even the ever-popular ATV segment.

After taking a few years to fight some very important court battles (which they won), Yamaha is back and heading into the UTV market that they had previously dominated.  The 2014 Yamaha Viking FI 4x4 is Yamaha's first of several new UTV models that have been promised, and it is aimed squarely at the true utility segment of the market.  We got the chance to spend a few days with the new Viking, and here are our thoughts via 2014 Yamaha Viking Review.


UTV apparel - is it the same as ATV gear?

Tuesday April 22, 2014

You have owned ATVs for a while now......and you just bought your first UTV.  Can you wear the same stuff to drive your new Side-by-Side that you already own for riding quads?  While UTVs and ATVs are certainly similar, there are a few big differences, and as a result, sometimes what works well for riding your quad might not be the best choice for piloting your "family wagon".

For some ideas and options on what gear is available for your next UTV adventure, check out our newest article discussing UTV Apparel.

It's Spring! Time to get your ATV out of the garage and ready to ride!

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Now that it's getting warmer outside (at least for most of the country), it's time to think about pulling your ATV out of the garage or shed and checking it over.

If you followed our tips for storing your ATV for the winter, then getting your ATV ready to ride should be a piece of cake!  If not, and it's been sitting idle for a few months, now is the time to give it a thorough once-over and make sure it's ready to go with our Springtime Checklist for your ATV.


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