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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your ATV running good, and can be the difference between getting stuck and getting home. Learn the basics like changing your oil & filter and keeping your chain lubed to more advanced procedures like how to break in a new motor and how much of a difference adjusting the suspension can make.

6 Ways to Prepare Your ATV for Desert Season
Fall means the start of desert riding season in the Pacific Southwest. Here are 6 great tips to get your ATV desert ready.

Ride Testing Your ATV After Storage
Making sure your ATV is in top riding condition before you head out to the trail. A little test ride at home will often uncover problems before you get to the trail.

How to Change a Spark Plug
How to change a spark plug on your ATV, Jeep or any other vehicle that has them. One of the first things to consider when doing a tune-up (or diagnosing engine trouble) is to look at the plugs.

Spark Plug Maintenance Tips for Your ATV
Maintaining your spark plugs will keep your quad running better.

ATV Tire Tips for Sand
Here are some tips for your ATV tires when you're hitting the sand dunes

Yuasa Smartshot 900 Battery Charger Maintainer
A trickle-charger for your ATV. If you store your ATV for months at a time you'll want to use a battery charger maintainer to keep it in good shape and help prolong battery life.

What to Do if You Submerge Your ATV and Get Water in the Engine
What to do if you get water in your engine

Engine Break-In Secrets for Your ATV
New engine break-in procedure for ATVs. How to run a new ATV engine for best over-all performance and reliability.

What to Pack in an ATV Repair Kit
What tools to put in an emergency ATV repair kit to help you get back on the trail if you break down while offroading

How to Fix a Dead ATV Battery on the Trail or at Camp
How to deal with a dead battery on your ATV. Having a few basic tools will help you get along if your battery dies.

Drive Chain Maintenance Tips for Your ATV
You've got to maintain your drive chain especially if you're spending any length of time in the sand dunes.

How to Fix a Broken Whip on an ATV Image Gallery
Image Gallery that shows you how to fix a broken fiberglass whip antenna on your ATV

List of Repairs Common to ATVs
A pretty good directory of articles at webbikeworld.com that, while designed for motorcycles, will work with ATVs as well.

Prevent Electrical Corrosion - Fix Bad Electrical Connections For Good
Matthew Wright, About.com's Guide to Auto Repair, explains electrical maintenance. Something ATV riders need to keep in mind considering how they tend to get dirty.

Maintenance Video: How to Change the Oil
Expert Village's video shows you how to change the oil on a Polaris ATV

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Quad Look New Again
Here are ten easy and inexpensive ways to make your ATV look better and fix some of the small things that make an ATV look old.

How to Clean A Carburetor
How to clean a carburetor on an internal combustion engine.

Air Filter Maintenance Tips for Your ATV
A dirty air filter will rob your ATV of power and could result in damage to your engine or extra maintenance.

Top ATV tips to get your quad ready for the first ride of Spring.

Tips for Cleaning Your ATV
Top Tips on Cleaning Your ATV

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