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Learn to Ride an ATV and Go Offroading

Learn about basic ATV safety courses, how to ride confidently, how to use the brakes and throttle effectively and smoothly on a quad, and why the proper safety equipment is so important.
  1. ATV Safety Tips and Training (8)

The Consumer Product Safety Comission Changes ATV Size Recommendation…
The CPSC changed their ATV safety recommendations for kids so they are based on the ATV's speed instead of its size. Still fails to address child's actual size/skill.

Why ATVs Come in so Many Different Sizes
ATVs come in many different sizes for many different applications. Find out what the different sizes of atvs are for.

Get Started Riding ATVs
ATVs can be great fun and are easy to learn to ride. Here are some tips to help you start riding quads safely.

ATV Safety Equipment
Even though it may be 100 degrees outside and all that gear can be heavy and uncomfortable, that's no excuse for not wearing it. All it takes is one trip to the gound and you'll really appreciate the protection you get by wearing the right gear.

The Different Types of ATVs
ATVs come in different shapes and sizes. They are designed and manufactured for lots of different uses ranging from racing and recreation to ranching. There are ATVs that come with three, four, six or even eight wheels.

How to Forge Through Deep Water in a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota 4Runner
Getting through deep water in a 4x4 is not as bad as you think. If you go slow and steady you can make it through a foot or more deep.

ATV Readiness Checklist at ATV Safety Institute
Here's a list to help you determine if your kids are ready to ride ATVs.

ATV Safety Training and Advice
"When you know and understand safe riding techniques for ATV operation, you can utilize the training to avoid hazards. Riding safely requires you to take responsibility for your own actions, the riding environment, and the operation of the ATV."

Prepare Your ATV for Storage
How to prepare your ATV for long term storage. Learn how to prepare the engine, the plastic and more.

How to Find Places to Go Offroading
This ever-growing list of backroad trails includes maps, detailed directions to the trailheads, current weather reports, color pictures from the trails, and even some trip reports from fellow four-wheelers.

4WD vs 2WD - The Differences Between 4x4 and 4x2
4WD vs 2WD - The Differences Between 4x4 and 4x2

ATV Resources, Regulations & Laws By State
Where and how to register your ATV or OHV in a state-by-state list

The Different Types of Transmissions on ATVs
Learning to ride an ATV is easier than learning how to ride a motorcycle, especially when it comes to starting and changing gears.

The All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute
The ATV Safety Institute (ASI) is a national program of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety education and awareness and promotes safe, responsible ATV riding.

ATV Safe Riding Tips
Motorcycle-USA explains how more than 25 million Americans riding quads brings safety and responsibility to the forefront.

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