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What Makes The Hummer So Unique?

One-of-a-Kind Hummer Features & Characteristics


2004 Hummer H1 Interior

Interior of a 2004 Hummer H1

Following are some of the most unique features and options available on Hummer H1s and H2s. These characteristics make Hummer stand out above the rest:

  • Run Flat tires where rubber spacer assemblies are placed inside each wheel enabling you to drive on one or more flat tires for up to 30 miles at 20 mph.

  • All H1s are equipped with a Central Tire Inflation System. CTIS is an option on H2s. It enables the driver to inflate or deflate the front tires together, the rear tires together, or all 4 tires at the same time -- all from within the cabin by flipping a switch. This feature is ideal in off-roading situations. In 1994 and later models, there is also a connector at the compressor so you can inflate other tires, accessories, etc.

  • Tire pressure for normal driving in a Hummer is 26 psi front, 28 rear. With CTIS, air pressure can be increased up to 45 psi for heavy loads. Typical offroad tire pressure is 20 psi, however for driving in sand, mud, and deep snow, air pressure can be reduced to 10 psi, resulting in a very large footprint. An alarm sounds if pressure falls below 8 psi.

  • Since the Hummer is over the clearance height limit, by federal law it is required to have clearance lights along roof. There are amber marker lights on the front exterior of the cabin and red marker lights on the rear of the cabin.

  • Dual fuel tanks with 25 gallons in the primary tank and 17 gallons in the reserve tank.

  • The front end and rear end overhangs were reduced to a bare minimum for the best possible approach and departure angles off-road, so you won't scrape your bumper as you approach or descend an incline.

  • Unique traction control system that prevents wheel spin called TorqueTrac4. TT4 automatically applies the brakes to the wheel that is spinning, allowing traction to take place on the wheels that aren't spinning.

  • For individualized front-seat comfort, the standard dual-zone front controls allow the driver and front passenger to set individualized temperatures with as much as a 25-degree Fahrenheit difference.

  • Driver Information Center provides up to 28 warnings for specific vehicle functions and allows two drivers to personalize their driving environment, taking advantage of separate memory settings.

  • Large power-tilt and power-folding, heated outside rearview mirrors that come with a curb assist feature that tilts them down for easier parking.

NOTE: While not all of the above features appear on all Hummer H1 and H2 models, most are standard on at least one model year, others may have been added as standard features to later model years.

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