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ATV Riding For Brand New ATV Owners & New 4-Wheeling ATVers

If you're thinking about buying an ATV, or you own a quad already but you haven't ventured off road much yet, then this is the place to begin. Lots of helpful information to get you - or your children - started riding ATVs. Here are the best tips for choosing a new ATV and offroad equipment, plus 4-wheeling tricks to really start having fun on an ATV.
Stock Speeds
Here are some stock speeds for "sport" and "sport utility" ATVs - look for your make & model.
Winter Storage Tips
Here's a basic guide to getting your ATV ready for winter.
Top 40 ATV Tips
Collected from many years of experience wrenching on virtually every make of 4x4 ATV, here are tips to ensure your four-by will consistently run smoothly and safely.
How To Fly Through The Air With Ease
Jumping an ATV can be some of the most fun you can have while riding. But many people donít understand the mechanics of what is going on with themselves and their quads. Here's what you need to know.
Flat Tire Repair On The Trail
Here's how to get back into action after you get a flat on the trail.
ATV Top Speeds
These charts list the top speeds for various brands of ATVs in each different gear.
50 Good ATV Tips
A random collection of tips to keep you and your ATV in tip top shape for years of off-roading.
10 Ways To Minimize Your Impact With an ATV
With the number of ATV riders climbing past 16 million, the sport is grabbing attention as land managers try to balance popularity with natural resources.
ABCs of ATVing
A beginner's perspective on riding an ATV, as well as information about the ATV Safety Instituteís ATV RiderCourse.
ATV Quiz
Here's an easy quiz for you and the whole family. Take the quiz with your kids and use it to talk with them about ATV riding and safety. There are a lot of little-known facts about ATVs in here.
ATVing on a Budget
ATVing doesnít have to be that expensive. Here's how to enjoy the sport of riding quads without going broke. Some great tips for ATVers to save money.
ATV Safety Quiz
Ten questions to familiarize you and your children with some little-known facts about riding ATVs.
Basic Tips For Your First ATV Ride
An EXCELLENT illustration for beginners to help familiarize you with the controls on your ATV; how to start and stop your ATV; correct riding posture; how to maneuver turning, going uphill, downhill, and over various terrain; and how to cross obstacles.
Beginners Guide to Riding an ATV
Review the basics of riding an ATV with the pros.
Buying Your First ATV
Which type of ATV is best for you? Determining the category of quad that suits your purpose and riding style is the first step in buying an ATV. Don't let enthusiasm on the showroom floor make the choice for you. Here are some great purchasing tips.
How To Handle Your ATV
Here are some basic tips to get you started riding over different types of terrain. For more advanced handling tips, check out the "ATV Tips For Advanced Riders" subject.
How To Sh*t In The Woods
Here's everything you'll need for takin care of business out in the wilderness. You'll find a variety of ideas -- from practical to comical -- on how to resolve the issue of not having a bathroom or toilet nearby.
Interactive TreadLightly! Web Site For Kids
The non-profit group Tread Lightly has an interactive web site for kids. The aim is to teach outdoor ethics to the large number of kids who are choosing motorized and mechanized vehicles, such as dirt bikes and ATVs, as a form of recreation these days. Outdoorsy youth will love it!
Kids & Safety
Geared just for kids, here are some great safety tips for younger riders, as well as pages to color and photos of young ATV riders.
Quiz For New ATV Riders
Ten questions to test your knowledge about ATV riding. One click gets you all the answers too.
Respect The Outdoors
Here are a few tips to consider when you ride you ATV on the trails.
Safety Tips
Some great introductory info, including age recommendations by model size and a list of things to remember when riding offroad.
Young Riders Basic Tips
Use these tips and practice sessions to start kids out right.
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