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ATV and Offroading Safety

Being safe while riding your ATV is as easy as knowing what safety equipment to use and how an ATV works. 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles react differently than a motorcycle or a jeep. Knowing how your quad will handle in different conditions will go a long way in your ability to control it.
  1. ATV Safety Euquipment (9)

Desert Land Navigating : A Beginners Guide
Understanding the basics of how to navigate over land can be a helpful tool to in your offroading toolbox. It can also be a matter of life and death when you're offroading in the desert.

“Comfort” Can Be the Enemy of Safety
Getting over-confident on your quad can end badly for you. If you get too comfortable you tend to take things for granted. When that happens it's more likely you will make a mistake.

Top 5 ATV Safety Tips
ATV Safety is key to keeping your family from harm while riding ATVs. Here are the top 5 things you can do to be safe riding quads.

The Consumer Product Safety Comission Changes ATV Size Recommendation…
The CPSC changed their ATV safety recommendations for kids so they are based on the ATV's speed instead of its size. Still fails to address child's actual size/skill.

Got Desert I.D.?
Riding in the desert has inherent risks. Having a means of at least identifying yourself and where you might be camped can give passers-by (or even emergency responders) the ability to notify family/friends or get lost riders back to camp much quicker in case of an accident or getting lost.

The Protector ATV Throttle Guard Safety Accessory
Review for the New Version of The Protector ATV Safety Device.

Installing The Newly Re-Designed Protector ATV Throttle Guard
We re-review the ATV Protector, a throttle guard for ATVs. The first product we reviewed was very difficult to install and seemed unsafe.

Why ATVs Come in so Many Different Sizes
ATVs come in many different sizes for many different applications. Find out what the different sizes of atvs are for.

Hunting Yamaha's Rhino ATV
Since its introduction in 2003, the popular Yamaha Rhino SxS ATV has been branded as unstable and dangerous by some groups of attorneys despite the Rhino's safety statistics.

Top 5 Ways to Ruin an ATV Ride
All you have to do is look around and you'll see people doing things that just boggle the mind. Sometimes you have to look for a while, but you'll see. People riding their ATVs in a manner that goes beyond a lack of common sense. This list of the Top 5 Ways to Ruin an ATV Ride should give you a good idea of what NOT to do.

The All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute
The ATV Safety Institute (ASI) is a national program of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety education and awareness and promotes safe, responsible ATV riding.

ATV Safety Equipment: A Pair of ATV Riding Boots
When riding an ATV, a good pair of ATV boots (or motocross boots) are a key to protecting your feet, ankles, and lower legs. Your feet and legs take a good amount of abuse, even with normal riding. The biggest different between ATV boots and motocross boots is the height of the boot. ATV boots are lower cut than motocross boots.

ATV Safety Equipment: A Helmet
The number one piece of ATV safety equipment is a helmet. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission studies the vast majority of injuries to the head could have been prevented or reduced.

ATV Readiness Checklist at ATV Safety Institute
Here's a list to help you determine if your kids are ready to ride ATVs.

Offroad Event Safety Tips
When you're out riding you are, for the most part, the determining factor in your own safety. That's not always the case, but it's a good rule of thumb. You shouldn't look at being a spectator as being that much different.

ATV and Offroading Safety
The best ATV and Offroading Safety tips and tricks for beginners who are new to the sport of 4-wheeling and ATVing. When you're ready to start riding, this is a great place to begin. You'll find the right ATV and offroading safety gear and accessories. Learn how to maneuver your rig under a variety of conditions, and tips for your first time...

Dont be a Crash Dummy
5 tips to help keep you out of the crash-test dummy category when you ride ATVs.

What to Do With a Submerged ATV
How to deal with water in your engine if you submerged your ATV, jeep wrangler or other OHV

Look Before You Leap Your ATV
When you ride your quad it's important to watch where you're going and understand the terrain you're riding on before you really let loose.

Using the Buddy System When Riding Quads
Never go out on an ATV ride by yourself. You should always ride with a friend or in a group in case of mechanical failure, getting stuck or worse, getting in an accident and getting hurt.

Be Cautious Riding ATVs Around Campsites and People
Riding quads around campsites or other people should be done with a bit of caution. You never know when kids or pets could come running out from behind an RV or trailer into your path.

Keep a Safe Distance Between You and Your Buddies
There’s hardly a more effective way to ruin your weekend than to wreck not one but TWO quads from the same camp. Here's why you should keep a safe distance between you and your riding buddies.

ATV Safety Training and Advice
"When you know and understand safe riding techniques for ATV operation, you can utilize the training to avoid hazards. Riding safely requires you to take responsibility for your own actions, the riding environment, and the operation of the ATV."

ATV Safety Equipment
Even though it may be 100 degrees outside and all that gear can be heavy and uncomfortable, that's no excuse for not wearing it. All it takes is one trip to the gound and you'll really appreciate the protection you get by wearing the right gear.

ATV Safe Riding Tips
Motorcycle-USA explains how more than 25 million Americans riding quads brings safety and responsibility to the forefront.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Apparel for your UTV Riding Adventure

Summer Riding Tips
Summer ATV / UTV Riding Tips

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