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PROS: The Good Things About Owning A Hybrid Vehicle

Top Reasons Hybrid Cars, Trucks & SUVs Are Good


  • There are purchase incentives for Hybrid vehicle owners (varies by state).
  • There's a federal tax deduction for Hybrid buyers. (In 2004, hybrid vehicle buyers received a $1,500 federal tax break.)
  • Drivers don't need to change their habits at all. You don't have to learn anything or do anything different to drive a Hybrid.
  • You won't have a guilty conscience for polluting the environment - Hybrids emit up to 97% less toxic emissions and half as much greenhouse-causing carbon dioxide as the average car.
  • Their novelty is fun - hybrids are the latest and greatest "gadgets" to have in the automotive world.
  • Mileage is noticeably higher, anywhere from 8-10% or 2-3 mpg.
  • Hybrids are just as safe as their non-hybrid counterparts. The fact that they run on electricity as well as gas has no bearing on their safety.
  • The performance of Hybrids is improving more and more with each passing year, so their efficiency and improvements look bright for the future.
  • You could experience faster commute times due to the ability to drive Hybrids in HOV lanes in some states.
  • The Hybrid's battery pack never needs to be charged from an external source - it gets recharged during regenerative braking and by the gasoline engine when necessary.
  • Most Hybrids have special warranty provisions that cover costly add-ons like the battery pack and electric motor.
  • Due to a smaller engine, and lightweight materials used in manufacturing Hybrids, they tend to weigh less than their non-Hybrid counterparts
  • Hybrids can run on alternative fuels, decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels, and increasing the fuel options.
  • They're politically correct in any circle.
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