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Ascending 1000 Dollar Hill at Truckhaven 4x4 Training Grounds


1000 Dollar Hill at Tierra Del Sol's Truckhaven 4x4 Training Area
Ascending 1000 Dollar Hill at Truckhaven 4x4 Training Grounds

1000 Dollar Hill at TDS Truckhaven 4x4 Training Area

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1000 Dollar Hill is not something to be taken lightly. It is directly behind Get Tired and is one of the more challenging obstacles at the Tierra Del Sol Truckhaven 4x4 Training Area.

It's an uphill climb of cement tubing ranging in diameter from a couple of feet up to about five feet in diameter with some hefty rocks thrown in for good measure.

The obstacles at Truckhaven 4x4 Training Area are labeled the same way ski slopes are labeled. They use Green, Blue and Black to indicate level of difficulty (Green being easiest, Black being hardest).

1000 Dollar Hill is a Black Diamond run and will prove to be challenging for most standard 4x4s but should be pretty easy in a built crawler like the one shown above.

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