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Best Places To Go Offroad With A 4x4 Jeep Truck SUV or ATV

Here are the best places to take your 4WD vehicle or your ATV off-road... whether you're on vacation or just looking for somewhere to ride in your own neck of the woods.
Trail Views
Spectacular views await your off-road adventure
Where To Go Off-road
This ever-growing list of backroad trails includes maps, detailed directions to the trailheads, current weather reports, color pictures from the trails, and even some trip reports from fellow four-wheelers.
4WD Road Trip: Tips For Planning Your Next Offroad Vacation
Whether you own a 4WD vehicle already, or you're interested in renting one so you can enjoy some fun road trips, check here for some of the best places to travel in a four-wheel drive vehicle. You'll also find places to rent 4x4s, Jeeps, ATVs and other 4WD vehicles, plus guided 4-wheeling trips & tours -- so you don't even have to do the offroad driving yourself!
Best Places To Go Camping & Trail Riding
Here are the best places to go camping AND trail riding with your 4x4 pickup truck, 4WD SUV, or ATV. Plus, trip reports from 4-wheelers highlighting their offroad experiences on these trails. Included are the top spots in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Canada.
ATVing Canada's Parry Sound
The Parry Sound area of Ontario sits high on a ledge of rock and water - the great Canadian Shield. It's a spectacular assemblage of geography that combines rugged Georgian Bay shoreline with hundreds of thousands of lakes the glaciers left behind in their haste to head south. Here's what to expect during different seasons when ATVing the Parry Sound area.
Australian Outback: Driving Tips
Some tips for familiarizing yourself with Australian roads, signs, and rules of the off-road. Great for drivers of 4x4 trucks, Land Rovers, etc.
Bushducks Itinerary Service
Instead of endlessly debating where to go, wondering if a certain jeep trail is suitable for your 4x4, or even if it goes through, you can reduce the time and effort involved in trip planning by letting these guys plan your trip for you! They cover SE Australia, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Wyoming, Ireland, and Spain.
Colorado Off Road Riding Tips
Geared toward ATV riders, however, there are lots of great tips for drivers of virtually any type of offroad vehicle.
Desert Survival Tips When Offroading
Many people each year have mishaps in the desert that could have been avoided or made less serious with some preplanning. Here are some of the things you should do to avoid problems, and to deal with them if they come along.
Great Western Trail Utah Trip Planner
The Great Western Trail is a unique corridor of braided and paralleling trails for both motorized and non-motorized users. The trail system traverses 4,455 miles through Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. It incorporates stunning desert and canyon landscapes, plateaus, woodlands, dense forests and alpine meadows. Over 1,600 miles of Great Western Trail exist in Utah alone.
Mojave BLM Land Guide
Everything you need to know about offroad driving on the Mojave.
New South Wales On & Offroad Driving Tips
Everything you need to know for on- and off-road driving in New South Wales.
Oregon Dunes ATV Survival Guide
Here's everything that's required for riding in the Oregon Dune National Recreation area, including Sand Lake. Plus, helpful ATV riding tips specific for this area.
Quebec Riding Tips
About Quebec's trail systems and what to expect as far as climate. Great tips for ATV riders here.
Queensland On & Offroad Driving Tips
Everything you need to know for on- and off-road driving in Queensland.
Rubicon Offroad Driving Tips
Everything you want to know about the Rubicon Trail. From its history to the latest in news, weather and off road events. They also have hotel listings, dining recommendations, and campgrounds to assist in your visit to the Rubicon Trail and surrounding areas. How do you get to the Rubicon Trail? They have maps, directions and GPS coordinates as well.
South Australia & Outback Driving Tips
Everything you need to know about driving on- and off-road in Australia.
Tasmania On- and Off-road Driving Tips
Everything you need to know about driving on- and off-road in Tasmania.
Victoria Driving Tips
Everything you need to know about driving on- and off-road in Victoria.
Western Australia Driving Tips
Everything you need to know for driving on- and off-road in Western Australia.
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