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Hill Climbing Tips - How To Drive Uphill and Downhill Off Road

A collection of 4x4 off road hints and tips for driving 4WD vehicles up (and down!) hills.
How to Descend a Hill on Failed Climbs
Heading up hill is tough. Getting back downhill if you didn't make it can be even tougher. If the vehicle stalls going uphill, you'll need to memorize these steps to get back down safely.
Climbing Hills on an ATV
Here are some hill climbing tips for ATV offroaders.
Drivers' Opinions For Driving On Hills
A small collection of helpful tips submitted by off-roaders who frequently tackle hills of all types.
Driving Techniques
Tips for climbing hills, as well as how to maneuver through mud and drive through water.
Hill Climbing Techniques
How to maneuver hill ascents, descents, stall recovery, and even rollovers.

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