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Bud's 1981 Toyota PU/long bed

Longview, WA


Bud's put a lot of work into this truck, building a roadworthy ride he can have a lot of fun with, and no worries about scratching the paint!
1981 Toyota PU/long bed

1981 Toyota PU/long bed


Ride Description:
I have put in a 20R high compression Celica motor, Tacoma rear springs, I put my rear springs on the front to move the front end forward 3". It's got shackles front and rear, lengthened drivelines, custom brake lines, buggy springs (it's a half of a leaf spring that's bolted to the frame and then bolted to the top of the shackle for more articulation), the rear end is weded up and it has a Detroit True Trac locker in the front, 35x13.50x15 Toyo Open Countrys MTS on 15x10 steel chrome wheels.......

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