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Before You Buy A Truck Tent For Your 4x4 Pickup Truck or 4WD SUV


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For camping enthusiasts who own a pickup truck or SUV, the days of searching for that perfect campsite, flat ground, and tent pegs are over. With a truck tent, you can go camping without all of the irritating hassles of insects, animals, and dirt. Plus, no more wasted time spent searching for that perfect campsite. Here are the most important things to consider when buying a truck tent so you can turn your vehicle into an instant slumber shack.


Most truck tents are designed with a particular type of truck in mind, or a truck with certain features: those with dropgates, or liftgates, or camper tops, or short beds, or long beds, etc. On the other hand, a few truck tents are designed to be quite versatile and can be used on a variety of different vehicles, including cars! The most versatile are typically those which are affixed to the vehicle's rooftop.


The product's durability ratings (such as how windproof, waterproof, and stormproof the unit is) will affect your overall comfort inside during inclement weather, and how long this product will ultimately last.

Exterior Size and Weight

The unit's overall weight will affect whether or not you need to have someone help you set it up and where or how you will ultimately store the unit when not in use.

Interior Capacity

Most truck tents are designed to fit two adults comfortably inside. Some go so far as to indicate capacity as "three adults" or "two adults and two children", however, when you're dealing with sleeping quarters that are the actual size of your own vehicle, you're not likely to find much comfort by crowding people inside. On the other hand, a handful of truck tents are designed to open out beyond the size of your vehicle, thus accomodating more people and "things" inside.

The Bottom Line

Truck tents are available in sizes to fit just about any truck or SUV on the market today -- some even work well with cars. Their biggest drawback is their interior size, as most only accomodate 2 adults. However, you can't beat the convenience of being able to camp anywhere, anytime, in and comfort -- with no rocks, sand, or animals to deal with.
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