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Truck Tents & Sleepers For 4x4 Pickup Trucks and SUVs

Here's how to turn your 4x4 pickup truck or SUV into a sleeper during an off-road camping trip or 4-wheeling overnight adventure. These truck tents and sleepers hook right up to your pickup truck or SUV.
Before You Buy A Truck Tent
Here's what to look for before you buy a truck tent for your next outdoor adventure. You'll never sleep on the ground again, so long as you own a 4WD pickup truck or SUV.
Best Truck Tents
If you enjoy camping and you own a pickup truck or SUV, the days of searching for that perfect campsite, flat ground, and tent pegs are over. Here are the best truck tents currently available.
Review of Lofty Shelters Truck Tents
Useful with ANY type of vehicle, these roof-top shelters serve as "bedrooms" and are perfect for crossing Africa or a weekend in the woods.
Review of Sportz Truck Tent
Designed to fit into the bed of virtually any pickup truck on the market today, the Sportz Truck Tent is a wise choice for the fisherman, hunter, camper, and outdoor sports enthusiast.
4x4 Truck Tents
They offer truck, SUV, hatchback, motorcycle and minivan tents. They also have truck tent instructions and warranty information for all truck tent owners.
A & L Products
Makers of fine tents since 1978, they'll cover anything.
Cabela's Truck Tent
You can use it alone, or attach it to a pickup topper or SUV. Comes with a gear loft for equipment storage.
Camp Right Truck Tent
There are several innovative features that make it different from other truck tents: a large skyview vent in the top for better ventilation and more light; the largest interior room of any truck tent; color-coded poles with matching color pockets for very easy set up; lots of pockets and "d" rings inside the tent; plus much more!
DAC Vehicle Tents
These vehicle tents are perfect for sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and minivans. They do not work on vehicles with external spare tires.
JC Whitney Truck Bed Tents
They have tents to fit full- and mid-sized pickups with long and short beds.
Lofty Shelters
Innovative tents for the roof of your car, truck or SUV.
Mountain Sports Truck Tent
Turn your truck into an affordable RV with an Adventure Truck Tent. Free shipping!
Piggy Pack Truck Tents
SUV, Minivan, Truck Tents - 5 styles to choose from.
Reviews Of Fold-Down Tents
Hundreds of reviews from owners of different types of fold-down tent campers.
Rocky Topper
The sports lid that transforms into a camper at the touch of a button. It can be converted from one to the other even while driving.
Safari Softshell Sleepers
For easy camping, travel, outdoor sports, and emergency shelter, this sleeper/tent quickly turns your cargo and tailgate area into luxurious sleeping quarters.
Sportz Truck Tents
Sportz Truck Tents are designed to make camping a little more civilized and a whole lot more fun. These tens fit in the bed of your pickup truck. Check out "What's New" for their newest models.
Top Bunk
This unit mounts on your vehicle's roof rack for comfort and convenience.
Truck Bedz
If you'll be sleeping in the bed of your pickup truck, then you'll appreciate these custom truck mattresses -- made just for truck beds. They have a full line of truck full-size 8" thick inflatable airbed that offer a custom-fit around the pickup truck wheel wells.
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