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DIY Ford Bronco 4x4 Auto Repair Tips - How To Do It Yourself

Do-it-yourself tech tips and tricks of the trade to make your Bronco the best it can be. Learn how to make the same repairs and modifications that other four-wheelers have done to enhance their Ford Broncos and ultimately improve their on and off-road driving experiences.
2+ Inch Lift Tips
Some tips from a guy who's Bronco currently has 2" li ft Moog coils up front and 2.5" National leafs in back with Rancho RS9000s all around and Poly bushings everywhere.
1973 Bronco Owners Manual
You can download the entire manual in a zipped file, or you can view the pages individually!
Alternator Installation
Instructions for wiring a 130Amp 3G Mustang alternator in an Early Bronco.
Axle Upgrade
Three different upgrades are highlighted here: 3/4 ton axle conversion, gear swap from 3.50 to 4.10, and 4 inch lift.
Body Lift
Tips for doing a 2-inch body lift on an Early Bronco.
Brake Imbalance Switch Adjustment
How to adjust the switch and get the brake light on the dash to go out.
Bronco HQ Tech Pages
Here you'll find everything from how to replace front wheel bearings to major motor, body and suspension tips.
Centech Wiring Installation Manual
Here's the entire installation manual for a Ford Bronco.
Chilton's Ford Bronco 1966-86 Repair & Tune-Up Guide
This Chilton's repair and tune-up guide covers Ford Broncos form 1966-1986 - all U.S. and Canadian models of full-size Broncos.
Chilton's Ford Broncos 1987-93 Repair Manual
This Chilton's automotive repair manual covers Ford pickups and Broncos from 1987-1993 model years
Chilton's Ford Bronco 1987-96 Repair Manual
This Chilton's automotive repair manual covers Ford pickups and Broncos from 1987-1996.
Chilton's Ford Bronco II Repair Manual 1987-1996
This Chilton's automotive repair manual covers Ford Pickups and Bronco II's from 1987-1996 model years.
Chilton's Bronco II Repair Manual 1983-90
This Chilton's automotive repair manual is for Ford Ranger/Bronco II models from the years 1983-1990.
Clutch Chatter
Early Broncos tend to have problems with clutch chatter (otherwise known as "Bucking Bronco Syndrome").
Dana 30 or Dana 44?
Sometime in the 1971 model year Ford changed the front end of the early Broncos from a Dana 30 to a Dana 44. Here's how to tell the difference between a Dana 30 and a Dana 44.
Decoding Your VIN
What do all those letters and numbers in your Vehicle Identification Number mean? Here's how to decode it and learn a bit about your truck.
Disc Brake Installation
Switching from front drums to discs makes a huge difference in braking and safety.
Early Bronco Diagrams
Here you'll find frame specification diagrams, front and rear axle diagrams, measuring points and specs for Early Broncos, as well as a vaccuum diagram for '77 models and wiring diagrams.
Ford Bronco II Handling Problems
Safety precaution regarding rollovers.
Ford Trucks - Bronco II Topics
A wide variety of Bronco tech tips, from fellow Ford truck enthusiasts.
Ford Truck VIN #'s
Enter the VIN # from your 100 thru 350 Series Ford truck, including Bronco, years '70 through '80.
Front Axle Codes
Decipher your Bronco's front axle code.
Full Size Bronco FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about Broncos and tires, suspension, tailgates, driveline, fiberglass tops, bodies, engine swaps, transmission swaps, axle/suspension swaps, transfer case/locking hubs, and more.
Glove Box & Roll Cage Conflicting?
When you add a front roll cage to your Early Bronco, your glovebox door is blocked by the roll cage and the glovebox becomes useless. To fix this, modify the hinge so the door can be slid over to clear the roll cage.
Haynes Manual For 1973-1979 Ford Broncos
This Haynes repair manual covers Ford Pickups and Bronco automotive Repairs for model years 1973-1979.
ID Plate Info '66-'67
Decipher the letters and numbers found on your '66-'67 Bronco's ID plate.
ID Plate Info '68-'73
Decipher the letters and numbers found on your Bronco's ID plate.
Illustrated Parts Diagrams
Scanned illustrations of several Ford Bronco parts and accessories.
Interchange Guide
This is a true interchange guide for 1966 - 1974 Broncos. If an item isn't listed here, either the author considered it a consumable (wheel cylinder, master cylinder, etc), or a part that most people wouldn't get used (pistons, lifters, rocker arms, etc).
Multifunction Switch Replacement
If you own a 1993 Ford anything with the truck and full size car steering column, you've probably had a problem with the windshield wipers not operating in the interval position and inoperative hazards too. Here's what to do about it.
Neutral Safety Switch Adjustment
Here's how to adjust your Neutral Safety (Start) Switch, and if that doesn't work, how to bypass it.
Output Shaft Conversion
If you want a manual shift case with a fixed yoke, here's how to do it.
Power Steering Conversion
How to convert your Bronco to a much more efficient power steering system.
Project Bronco Tech Articles
Topics range from engine, cooling, interior, and suspensions -- especially for Broncos.
Quick Release Door Hinges
Here's how to convert your door hinges to quick release so you can easily take your doors off.
Rear Axle Codes
Decipher your Bronco's rear axle code.
Rear Axle Upgrade
Details for upgrading your rear axle, including big bearing, big drum, drain plug, and Detroit soft-locker. Pictures too!
Roll Cage Installation
Excellent step-by-step details for installing your own roll cage, including pictures.
Seats & Belts Installation Tips
Excellent step-by-step details for installing your own seats and belts, including pictures.
Series & Model Codes
Decipher the codes to determine series, model, body, and type.
Spark Plugs & Ford Racing Wires
The easiest way to do this is one plug at a time so you don't mess up the wires.
Step-by-step details for enhancing the suspension in your Ford Bronco.
Suspension Modification Info
Early Broncos have an exceptional suspension from the factory. They were the First 4x4 to come with factory front Coil springs, and articulate well without any modifications, but the best part about the design is the ease to improve upon it.
Suspension Modifications - Wristed Arm
Here's an Early Bronco suspension modification, as well as an answer to the question, "What is a wristed Arm?" and what to do about it.
Tailgate Swapping
Throughout the number of body style changes from '78 through '96, the tailgate remained nearly the same. You can swap tailgates between all of these years taking note of the following.
Tie Rod Conversion For 76-77 Broncos
If you have a 76 - 77 Bronco with the inverted Y tie rod assembly and do any kind of serious off-roading you have probably already bent or spaghettied your tie rod assembly more than once.
Transfer Case Replacement
Why would you want to replace their bulletproof, cast iron, time proven, gear driven NP205 with a bulky, aluminum/magnesium cased, chain driven BW1356? Here's why.
Transmission Cooler Installation
Broncos didn't come with an auxiliary transmission cooler from the factory, but this is an easy thing to fix.
Vacuum Diagram
A large image file that has some additional helpful notes.
Wheelwell Screening and Cut Outs
Cutting out your wheel wells will give you improved access to your engine and other under the hood items. It will also vent heat and noise out of the side of your vehicle.
Wild Horses Twin Stick Shifter
Installation of a Wild Horses Twin Stick Shifter for the J-shift Transfer case in a 1970 Bronco.
Wiper Conversion
Here's how to modify a Cherokee wiper arm to work on your Bronco.
Wiper Upgrade
If you're the owner of a first-series Ford Bronco (1966-1977), you've wondered why this generally intelligently designed vehicle ended up with such a lousy windshield wiper system. The whole bulky assembly hangs on the top of the windshield frame, so it threatens to cause brain damage every time you take a bounce or hit the brakes too hard.
Tech Questions For 1966-1977 Broncos
Here are some frequently asked questions about early broncos.
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