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Southeast 4x4 Off Road Clubs - Find Places To Ride Offroad

Find places to ride, local events calendars and offroad cyber clubs for four wheel driving in the Southeast USA. Here are the most popular off road 4-wheeling clubs in the Southeast including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
4x4 Grace
A family oriented club based in East TN (Johnson City) that enjoys trail rides on a regular basis.
Atomic City Four Wheelers
From Oak Ridge, Tennessee, this club is open to all types of four-wheel drive vehicles ready to ride. Vehicles range from slightly modified stock to spring-over lifts with front and rear lockers and winches and 44" tires. Rides range from scenic to high challenge with bypasses.
Caloosa Jeepers
This Fort Myers, Florida group was organized for the purpose of providing social, educational and recreational activities for its members, as well as participating in and supporting civic activities for the betterment of the community.
Carolina Crawlers
Based in Eastern NC (Jacksonville). Trail rides vary in difficulty from mild to wild, depending on the modification level of the trucks in attendance.
Carolina Trailblazers
They ride trails of medium difficulty most of the time but we sometimes ride trails that are suitable for stock vehicles and sometimes hit the real hardcore stuff. Many of the club members live near Hickory, NC but some live as far away as Eastern NC, SC and TN.
Central Alabama Offroad Society
In the Birmingham, Alabama area, they welcome any type 4x4 vehicle from bone stock to highly modified. Members' rigs consist of everything from Suzukis to full size. This club was formed out of a love for the outdoors and four-wheeling. They strive to create a good image for four-wheelers and provide a family atmosphere. Monthly meetings and trail rides.
Central North Carolina 4x4 (CNC 4x4)
The CNC 4x4 Club meetings are conducted quarterly, in the third week of the meeting month. They also sponsor at least two activities each month.
Clay County 4x4 Club
A 4x4 club that accepts all types of 4x4 vehicles. They are based out of Middleburg, FL.
Cliffhangers 4x4 Club
Based out of Salisbury, North Carolina this club is most interested in trail riding, rock crawling, and beach mountain trips. Vehicles range from stock to severely modified. Their favorite place to ride is Uwharrie National Forest.
Country From Down Town Off Road Club
Also known as the CFDT O.H.V. Club, they are based out of Apopka, Florida. Most members reside in the Greater Orlando Area. All types of 4x4's are welcome. Members' rigs run from mild to wild. Most trail rides take place in the Ocala National Forest.
East Tennessee 4WD Club
This club from East Tennessee is very informal. They do not have officers or dues, they simply require all of our members to join the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association.
The Florida Ex. Club is dedicated the preservation of the Florida forest and public campgrounds throughout the state. They are dedicated to good, clean family fun.
Florida Jeepers
A cyber club for Jeepers who reside in all parts of Florida.
Florida Land Cruiser Association
Out of Bradenton, Florida this club offers membership to owners of Toyota four wheel drive vehicles with a low range transfer case.
GA Trail Riders
Most members come from the northeastern part of Georgia. However, this club actually serves as a popular meeting spot for offroaders in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina. Whether you enjoy rock crawling, mud boggin, or just relaxing trail rides... they do it all. All 4WD vehicles welcome.
Georgia Bounty Runners
An Atlanta-based club that's family oriented. Looking for people interested in promotion of 4x4 recreation, conservation of our natural resources, and community involvement.
Georgia Crawlers
Looking for a place where you can ride trails with others and not feel pressured to do things with your vehicle that you're not ready for? Most of these club members use their 4x4's as daily drivers, so the idea of breaking things or damaging their vehicles is not an option.
Georgia Cruisers
From the Metro Atlanta area, this club is for Toyota Land Cruisers.
Georgia Trail Runners
Located in Duluth, GA. this club has members from all over. They are open to anything that you can drive or ride.
Jeep Club
This club based out of Gentry, Arkansas welcomes all Jeep vehicles.
Jeepers Jeep Club
Based out of Port St Lucie, Florida, this is a family oriented, Jeep only club. Jeeps range from stock to extreme. The club enjoys doing trail rides, camp outs, parades, Jeep Shows, and various other activities throughout the year. They are involved in our community with the Christmas Kids Toy Drive and the School Supply Drive.
Lakeland Jeepers
Club runs typically include 11 or so different Jeepers who all meet up for a ride at a particular location. It's ALWAYS a fun time! Attendance at monthly club meetings enables you to vote on the club's direction, use of funds, and discuss upcoming events and activities. To be an active member, just attend 4 formal club meetings and 2 club events each year.
Legendary Jeeps
Based in East Central Florida (Titusville area), this club has a once a month social, several wheeling trips and hands-on build ups. Vehicles range from stock to extreme.
Mississippi Mud
A club for central Mississippi offroaders. These guys like to get dirty slinging some gumbo-thick mud around(legally) and enjoy trailriding. Don't miss their vehicle photos & videos!
Mobile Offroad Extreme
A family oriented club open to anyone interested in off roading in and around the Mobile, Alabama area. Members of the club drive everything from stock Jeeps to fairly radical trucks.
Ocala Jeep Club of Florida
This is a family oriented club. This is not something they take lightly. Most of the members have families that they want to include at all the club events. It doesn't matter what Jeep you have. Vehicles range from bone stock to showwinners to down-and-dirty Jeeps. Military Jeeps, Jeepsters, Cherokees and Grand Cherokees, full size Chiefs and Wagoneers, and J-trucks are welcome.
Old School Offroad
An informal group of four wheel drive enthusiasts located in North Georgia. As a group, they enjoy the more challenging trails. Being a part of OSOR does not require any fees nor any formal meetings... They pefer to leave all that behind and enjoy offroading.
Old South Offroad
Out of Orangeburg, SC, this is a club for people with trucks who appreciate southern heritage and like to have fun using them (not riding on pavement).
Orlando Jeep Club
Out of Orlando Florida, trail rides are scheduled every month in a variety of locations throughout Florida. Out-of-state trips are also scheduled several times during the year. In-state, they frequent the Ocala National Forest, which has a variety of easy to moderate trails. Out-of-state trips include Alabama and North Carolina for moderate to extreme off-roading.
Rocket City Rock Crawlers
This 4WD club is located in Huntsville, Alabama and is open to all four wheel drive vehicles (no ATVs). The club meets on the first Wednesday of each month and has a trail ride each month. Most members prefer rocky trails instead of "mud pits".
Rocky Top Trail Riders
They are located in Northern Middle Tennessee and meet the first Monday of each month in Gallatin. They try to make a ride once a month and mostly ride extreme trails in Telico, Monteagle, Windrock, etc.
Scenic City 4WD Club
Formerly known as the Chattanooga Mudslingers, they are a family-oriented club with events attended by wives and children of all ages. They promote the proper use and preservation of lands and are active members in the United and Southern 4 Wheel Drive Associations.
South Appalachian 4-Wheel Drive Association
Based from Rainbow City, AL this is one of the newest 4-wheel drive club in North East Alabama that was formed for off road drivers of all kinds.
Southeast Tennessee Axle Twisters
Based in Chattanooga, TN, this club is oriented toward the 4-wheeling enthusiast who likes the challenge of rough trails, but who also likes the challenge of driving their chosen 4WD vehicle to and from those trails.
Southern Crawlers Offroad Club
Located in North Georgia right next to the Tennessee line, they make regular trips to Tellico as well as Junk Yards. They invite all who don't care about paint, looks or even holes in their pride and joy.
Southern Four Wheel Drive Association
Check out their list of active clubs in the following states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
Southern Jeeps
Located in North Georgia, they are a family orientated club and believe in responsible four wheeling. They frequently enjoy four wheeling at such places as Beasley, Tellico, Rich Mnt., Allatoona, Amicalola, Mt. Aetna and various other local off-road areas.
Southern Mississippi Jeep Club
Located on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast, members from this club are surrounded by the Gulf Of Mexico as well as several national forests and rivers.
Southern Scouts
Out of Greensboro, NC, this club is dedicated to the preservation of all IH vehicles, serving NC, SC, VA, GA and TN.
Suncoast Flatlanders
Based out of Clearwater, FL, the club is open to members who own any make or model of 4x4 vehicle. Many members have kids and provisions are always made for the kids to have a safe and fun time.
Top Trucks of Central Florida
If you're Tired of Pavement (TOP), and you live in Central Florida, then check out Top Trucks of Central Florida. This is a totally diversified truck club. Members own 2wd, 4x4, mild to wild full-size and mid-size trucks and SUVs for show and go.
Traxx In Motion
A family-oriented 4 Wheel Drive Club based in Nashville, Tennessee. Open to all types of 4-wheel drive vehicles. Vehicles range from stock to highly modified. They hit mostly trails in Tennessee and sometimes travel outside of the state.
White Sands Jeep Club
Based out of Pensacola, Florida, this club welcomes all Jeepers and off-road enthusiasts. They hit the trails in as many states as possible.
Trick'n'Traction 4WD Club
A family-oriented club that runs out of Greenville, SC. A lot of members drive Jeeps of some sort, but they have a good assortment of pickup trucks, hybrids and other four-wheel drives. They are open to all makes and models.
Wicked Intentions
A club in Fort Walton Beach, FL for anybody and everybody who lkes to customize/mud/race their vehicles.
Xtreme 4x4 Columbia Offroad
A family-oriented 4-wheel drive club based in Columbia Tennessee. Club membership is open to all types of 4-wheel drive vehicles.
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