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Wally's 1977 IH Super Scout II

Raeford, NC


Wally's done a lot to his vintage Scout II; it takes him wherever he wants to go and the Kona-blue paint job looks great, too.
1977 IH Super Scout II

1977 IH Super Scout II



Ride Description:
345 CI V-8 with a 4 barrel carb, hi rise manifold. Automatic transmission. I bought it from an owner that put 31,000 miles on it. It had some rust which I've taken care of by putting new rocker panels/fenders and Kona Blue paint job. Accessories: 880 watt Bazoka subwoofer, 1000 watt Sony amplifier, 600 watt amplifier, 2 MTX box speakers in the back, 2 150 watt Blaupunkt speaker boxes in front, 6-disk Panasonic changer in the console, Pioneer 25x4 tuner. My pride & joy. I take my Scout to the beach. I love to fish. The Scout takes me anywhere I want to go. Carolina beach is closest, but I love the Outer Banks! The picture is from an outing by the lighthouse. I put a 4-barrel carb, high rise manifold on the 345 V-8. I bought it from an owner that put 31,000 mi on it. It had the black decals w/ orange paint. When the Browns left Cleveland I had it painted a Kona blue because I did not want to be reminded of the Brown's moving to Balt. Other than a few accessories (inserts front and back, console, 6 disk Panasonic CD changer with a 880 watt bazoka sub-woofer and 1600 watts of amplifiers to drive the sound system) it's stock. I've been thing about redoing the suspension. Open to any advice. Also need to find a new s c o o p, as the old one cracked. Bought a Luv sack for the back. The owner of Luv sacks came up with the idea for his Scout.

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