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Side by Side ATVs

The Golf Cart on Steroids


Side by Side ATV (SxS) Also known as Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV)

Side by Side ATV (SxS). Notice the Sport ATV-like suspension and the resemblance to a golf cart. This model is designed for 4 people.

Matt Finley

Side by side ATVs are one of the most universal All Terrain Vehicles on the market. They are also known as UTVs, SxS and Rhino, although "Rhino" is a model name of Yamaha's Side by Side ATV.

They resemble golf carts in looks and over-all design, but mimic an interesting cross between utility and sport quads. They're pretty fast, they can carry lots of cargo, even passengers. They can go just about anywhere a quad can go except some narrow areas.

The controls are set up like a jeep or truck where you have a steering wheel with gas, brake and clutch pedals on the floor.

Some towns allow these types of ATVs to be registered as street legal provided they conform to all requirements, including but not limited to lights, signals, registration tags, and other items for safety.

There's a dark shadow on some SxS' especially the original SxS, the Yamaha Rhino. There have been numerous lawsuits against Yamaha because of hungry lawyers piling on to make money when people have accidents in the Yamaha Rhino.

Even though Yamaha has not had any mandatory safety recalls for the Yamaha Rhino some still try to make a buck by implying Yamaha's VOLUNTARY modifications to the Rhino were forced changes brought on by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Yamaha has successfully defended itself from lawsuit after lawsuit which claimed Yamaha Rhinos were unsafe.

The truth about Yamaha Rhinos is they can be just as dangerous as anything else you drive, ride or pilot when you use it in ways it was not intended.

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