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Teryx Adventure Ride from Lake Havasu to Hualapai Mountain Resort


Kawasaki has been producing a wide variety of adventure vehicles for years and they have another winner with their 2012 Teryx. This recreation & utility vehicle is the perfect all-purpose companion for either play or work and it can handle just about anything that you throw at it because; its 749ccm engine will always offer plenty of power and optimal performance.

Adventure Calling

The 2012 Kawasaki Teryx is a great all-purpose vehicle that’s used on farms and properties around the world as a light utility vehicle and it’s also used for a wide variety of work and recreational purposes, especially in conditions where you can’t get a jeep or truck.

Adventure lovers have wanted to see what this all purpose vehicle can really do in any type of weather or terrain conditions like trails, mountains, snow, sand wash, desert or rocks, and the Teryx was recently tested by a team of adventurers in the rough country of Arizona.

The journey began with the 2012 Teryx at Lake Havasu where were the team of four people driving two Teryx’s drove these all purpose vehicles through the Dutch Flats. The terrain quickly changed once they reached the base of Hualapai Mountain and encountered rocky terrain. Like any adventure lover who has ridden ATV’s in the past the team wondered if their Terex’s would be able to have the power to make it up the mountain and through rough driving conditions.

Thanks to their 749cc, liquid cooled engines, the Teryx’s had plenty of power to make it through the roughest of areas. Since the Teryx has almost 12 inches of ground clearance, both Kawasaki Teryx’s were able to drive over rocks and debris easily and thanks to their gas charged Kayaba shocks; the drivers bodies didn’t take a beating like they would have after spending hours in other all purpose vehicles.

As the teams climbed further up Hualapai Mountain, the weather began to change and they experienced more rain, and then snow eventually came. Instead of stopping for the night they continued on with confidence that their 2012 Teryx’s 26” inch tires and heavy duty disk brakes would continue to keep them safe as they started to make their way down the mountain and eventually off the beaten path.

The Kawasaki Teryx comes with the capacity to carry up to 500 pounds of weight and both Teryx’s were loaded to capacity with gear. Inside both Teryx’s there was plenty of room for both the driver and passenger to enjoy the ride as each Teryx safely drove over debris, rock and anything else that it might find in its path.

Once the team stopped for lunch, they took a few minutes to inspect the underbellies of their Kawasaki Teryx’s and were surprised to find them looking new and unscratched, they can thank Kawasaki for that because the 2012 Teryx has a new scratch resistant body that’s made from Thermo-Plastic and it’s more durable than similar vehicles on the market today.

As they drove down Hualapai Mountain, it started to snow heavier than before and both drivers turned on their Teryx’s 40 watt headlights which gave them plenty of light to drive to Hualapai Mountain Resort. When they arrived at the resort, the resort staff was surprised to see them because, it was snowing heavier and many guests had stayed away but, the team was thankful because, they were able to enjoy warm meals and soft beds for the night.

Lots of Snow

On day two of their 200 mile journey the team woke up to find over two feet of snow on the ground. But instead of staying at Hualapai Mountain Resort for another day, they checked out, brushed off the snow from their Teryx’s and headed back for Lake Havasu. It seems Kawasaki have a way of planning trips in the snow if you recall the first ride on the 2012 Kawasaki Brute Force 750.

Along the way they drove through deep snow and were fortunate enough to drive past deer and other wild game. They were able to see nature up close like any adventure fan would want without worrying about scaring it off.

By the end of day two the team arrived back at Lake Havasu with lots of great pictures from their journey and felt excited that the 2012 Kawasaki Teryx’s had held up through bad weather and rough driving conditions. This recreation utility vehicle (RUV) offers plenty of value for its purchase price of under $11,500 dollars. Every fan of outdoor recreation or someone who is searching for an everyday utility vehicle should add the 2012 Kawasaki Teryx 750 to their garage.

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