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Nena Barlow


Sedona Jeep School Owner - Nena Barlow

Sedona Jeep School Owner - Nena Barlow

Nena Barlow owns and operates Sedona Jeep School, providing 4x4 driving instruction in Sedona, Arizona. She has been in the Sedona Jeep tour business since 1996, leading people from around the world into the back country of Sedona by four-wheel drive, organizing special 4x4 events, and training four-wheel-drive owners and professional guides in 4x4 technique, off-road and trail safety, and four-wheeling etiquette.

Nena has logged thousands of hours in the backcountry behind the wheel of a Jeep, with additional off-road experience in Hummers, Unimogs, Fords, Toyotas, and Nissans. She says, “The most important thing about four-wheeling is to not let your ego dictate your course of action.”

Nena grew up in the Southwest, exploring the back roads by Jeep, horse, and hiking boots. She spends most of her day's outdoors, whether for work or play.

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