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Car Surfing: A Death-Defying Vehicular Stunt That Kills!

Car-Surfing Crashes & Accidents


Car surfing is the act of riding outside of a vehicle while it is moving.

People typically do this from SUVs and trucks because of their greater height and flatter roof structure, but all vehicles are used in car surfing.

It is extremely dangerous and often deadly.

While the vehicle is being driven by another person, the car surfer climbs out the window and onto the roof of the vehicle. Oftentimes, however, the consequences are catastrophic.

Car-Surfing Defined
"Car surfing is the name given to the dangerous activity of passengers sitting or standing on moving cars and utes as though they were 'surfing'. People ride on the bonnet, roof, or boot lid of moving cars, stand up and balance in the tray of utes, or hold to or be towed by vehicles while skateboarding or roller blading. In some instances, people engaging in car surfing leap from one moving vehicle to another. The recklessness and dangerousness of such actions arises from the lack of occupant restraint devices to keep these persons on the vehicle, and the lack of protective clothing, such as helmets, that would minimize injury if these persons fell from the vehicle." Source

Car-Surfing In The News

Who's Involved In Car-Surfing?
And it's not just young people who participate in such silliness, either!... The city of Phoenix's 55-year-old chief financial officer died while car surfing!

  • Here's video of a driver car surfing atop his own pickup truck.

  • Here's a summary of "ute surfing" from Australia.

    As if the act of riding atop a car, unrestrained, were not dangerous enough... it becomes deadly in situations when the driver swerves to maintain control of the vehicle, or simply turns with the natural direction of the road.

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