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Midwest 4x4 Offroad Clubs - Find Places To Ride Off Road

Four-wheel drive owners in the Midwest love to ride offroad! Here are the most active off road driving clubs throughout the Midwest including offroading clubs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Find places to ride offroad and local events calendars from 4wheelers who are members of clubs.
4 Wheels To Freedom 4WD Club
A 4 WD club based out of Central Indiana (Shelbyville), they enjoy social, educational and recreational activities. They also participate in and supports civic activities for the betterment of the community.
4x4 Forever
Based out of Fox Valley, WI, they are an active four wheel drive club working for organized four-wheeling. They have regular meetings and activities to interest everyone.
4 x Fools
This club is organized exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other similar non-profitable purposes. To be a "fool", you should be at least 18 years old, own a 4wd vehicle, and go on at least one outing per year. Then complete their online membership form and get ready for fun times "foolin around".
4-Fun Four Wheelers
Members live all over the southeastern part of Michigan. They also have honorary members in Ohio. They started as mostly drag/obstacle sand racers. Several have competed in short-course off-road racing and asphalt drag racing. There there are some who don't race at all. The club has meetings once a month October through May.
4-Play 4-Wheelers
Family-oriented organization, from recreational to hardcore 4 wheeling open to all 4wheel drive vehicles. Based out of Kenosha, WI.
This Early Bronco club is based in Ohio and dedicated to the 1966 - 1977 Ford Bronco. It's primarily an Internet-based club whose purpose is to make new friends, talk Broncos, trade ideas and have an occasional trail ride.
Central Illinois Jeep Club
Out of Bloomington, Illinois. To become a CIJC member you need only have a love for jeeps or off-roading.
Central Iowa 4 Wheelers
An organization devoted to 4x4 fun and enjoyment in central Iowa.
Dakota Dirt Diggers
Just south of the Twin Cities, most meetings take place in Farmington, MN. The club has many different types of vehicles and is very family orientated. The club is involved in two parades, one in Farmington, MN, the other in Hastings, MN, but they are mostly into trail riding.
Dakota Territory Cruisers
Based out of Rapid City, South Dakota, this is a group of four wheel drive enthusiasts who enjoy responsible four-wheeling and own Toyota four wheel drive vehicles... Land Cruisers, Pickups, and 4-Runners.
Damage Inc. 4x4 Club
Located in Southeastern Wisconsin, their goal is to spend as much time on the trails as possible. Members spend a lot of time helping each other upgrade (and repair) their rigs. They strongly believe in giving back to our community.
Erie Shores Jeeps & 4x4s
Out of Elyria, OH this is a family oriented club that enjoys trail rides and other events. Vehicles range from stock to modified. Jeeps, SUVs, and small pick ups.
Firewalker Four Wheel Drive Club
They are a Jeep Club based out of N.E. Illinois and enjoy the sport of fourwheeling. A responsible group that adheres to the Tread Lightly program, they attend organized Jeeping events locally and around the country.
Got Mud? 4x4s of Genesee County
A very informal, non-dues paying 4x4 group that goes wheelin at the Mounds ORV Park in Genesee, MI every Sunday at noon.
Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association
The central location for dozens of family-oriented four-wheel drive clubs throughout Michigan. Be sure to check their listing of more 20 than active clubs.
Great Lakes Jeep Thing
An environmentally-conscious Jeep club that strives to project a responsible and safe land use image on behalf of all Jeepers living in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest.
Great Lakes Land Cruisers
Members come from the state of Michigan, with some interest from the surrounding Great Lakes Region. They meet about once per quarter, and often organize technical sessions. This group hosts several trailrides per year.
Hoosier Cruisers
Out of Indianapolis, Indiana, they dig Cruisers! All of them, including: FJ25' 40's 45's 60's, 80's even 100's and everything in between. Diesels, gas, V8 conversions, stock restoration to extreme rock crawling machines. All Toyota 4x4's, primarily Land Cruisers, but mini's and 4Runners are welcome.
Illiana Hummer Club
This is a non-for-profit group dedicated to the enjoyment and education of the Hummer vehicle in all of its forms (Military Humvee, Hummer H1, H2, and H3) in a high quality and controlled, family-oriented environment. I.H.C. members are located from Chicago, IL to South Bend, IN and everywhere in between.
Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association
Check out their list of active clubs within the entire state of Indiana.
Indiana Jeep Thing
A club for Jeep owners that promotes off-roading as a legitimate land use. They welcome all Jeepers from the Midwest.
Iron Horse 4x4's
Based in Calumet City, Illinois, the club has been in existance since 1980 and membership includes over 60 families from Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois.
Jeep Chix
Out of St. Louis, Missouri, this club is for all women who love to drive 4x4's -- those who take them off road and those who like to stay on the road. Check out these women of the Missouri/Illinois bi-state area.
K&I Four Wheelers
A family-oriented off-road club for people from Kentucky and Indiana.
Kansas City Four Wheel Drive Association
Dedicated to people who love the outdoors and have a sense of adventure. They have members from both Missouri and Kansas.
Klassic Haulers of Michigan
A club based in Plymouth, MI that's dedicated to old Ford pickups.
Legendary Civilian Jeepers
A family-oriented group, they promote organized, safe trail riding for Jeep owners. With diversity in membership, Jeep vehicles, and trail riding record, members participate in numerous trail rides throughout Wisconsin and frequently attend national functions and trail rides throughout the country.
LOST KJs Midwest
A national club for Jeep Liberty enthusiasts. They currently have members in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri. Their goal is to network Liberty owners in the Midwest and have fun.
Lunatic Wrecking Team
A 4-wheeling club located in the Northeastern suburbs of Minneapolis Minnesota.
Mad City Jeep Abusers Group
A fun little 4WD club based in Madison, Wisconsin. If you own a Jeep or other compact SUV, and you are willing to take it off-road (where it will definitely get scratched!), then MCJAG may be what you are looking for.
Mad XJ
A group for owners of Jeep Cherokees (XJ), Wagoneers (XJ), and Comanches (MJ) to exchange information on how to fix and improve their XJs and MJs. This club originated in the Madison, Wisconsin region and has now members from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and other states now.
Maple Valley Mudbogg Militia
From Vermontville, Michigan, the club's favorite places to ride are the Allegan County State Forest and Lake Highway Mid-Michigan areas.
Mid-Missouri Off Roaders
This non-profit organization located west of St. Louis is dedicated to helping local communities. MMOR sanctions several mud race events and uses the proceeds to "adopt" families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as award a $500 college scholarship to an area senior.
Mid Rivers Jeep Thing
Based out of St. Charles, MO, membership in this chapter simply requires ownership of a Jeep vehicle.
Midwest Jeepthing
The largest Jeep-only club in the Midwest. Although based in the St. Louis metro area, owning a Jeep and $20/year dues are the only things needed to upgrade from Online Member to Club Member.
Midwest Vintage Bronco Club
Based out of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, this club has members from 6 states. They hold monthly meetings and participate in activities ranging from trail rides to car shows and cruises.
Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association
An association of organized people and groups concerned with off-roading in the state of Minnesota. Check out their list of active clubs in your area.
Minnesota Land Rovers
Everyone that attends meetings and outdoor adventures does so purely for the sheer enjoyment of driving a Land Rover. Membership is open to anyone who is interested, whether they own a Land Rover or not.
Minnesota Offroad Explorers
A small group that gets together regularly for some offroad adventure.
Minnesota Swamp Bucks
Based in Lakeville, they have members from all of the metro area and beyond. They started out as mudracers, but have evolved into mostly trailriding and family activities, including camping, picnicing, and parties. A family orientated organization that promotes the legal and enviromentally responsible activities of the sport.
Minnesota Toyx4's
Out of the Minneapolis area, they are dedicated to responsible 4WD recreation and the Toyota 4x4.
Minnesota Trailriders
Out of Burnsville, MN this is a family oriented 4x4 club dedicated to responsible four wheeling, cooperative multiple use of recreational resources, and protection of natural resources.
Mojo Offroad
Based out of Bargersville, Indiana, they are a group of guys that enjoys working and building their own rigs. They get together every Wednesday night and work on something. They are also active in IFWDA.
MTU Four Wheelers
In Houghton, Michigan, this club has four wheel drive outings most weekends during the snowmobile off-season (some runs are designed for modified vehicles only, in which case alternate runs are set up for stock vehicles).
Mudslingers 4x4 Club
This club (out of Naperville, IL) consists of approximately thirty families and has been in existence for twenty years. They donate time and manpower to various local organizations to help put value back into the local community.
North Central Indiana Free Wheelers
They ride trails in Kokomo and surrounding areas -- the woods are about 40 miles from Kokomo, just west of Logansport.
North Shore Wheelers
They are a group of dedicated off-road enthusiasts with dependable street legal 4x4's. Not brand specific. Located in the arrowhead region of northern Minnesota.
Northern Illinois Jeep Alliance
A recreational "Jeep exclusive" club that was formed to unite Jeep-brand enthusiasts and their vehicles in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. Their aim is to provide members with trail riding opportunities, socializing, parts location, technical help, and discounts on parts and services.
Ohio 4x4 Trailriders
They encourage people to get out and get their tires muddy. They are a very diverse group of people who have respect for each other and the land they "play" on.
Ohio Multi-Use Trails Association
Open to any reliable person, 18 years of age or older, who is interested in developing and maintaining a wide variety of recreational trails. Each individual member has one vote. Family memberships are also available.
Ohio River Four Wheelers
Based in the Amelia area, this club hosts monthly trailrides throughout Ohio, Kentucky and surrounding states. They ride only in legally accessible areas, such as on National or State Forest access trails and in designated OVR areas. While most winter rides are only one-day outtings, warm weather rides are two or three day events, and once each summer they plan a week long 4x4 vacation.
Old Ford Truck Club
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, they hold monthly meetings and publish a newsletter once a month. They share tech tips and swap parts among members. Club members also attend the F-100 Nationals in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee every spring.
Pound Your Truck Club
Based in southern Wisconsin, PYT members are four wheel drive enthusiasts from all across the country who are interested in organized four-wheeling and environmental freedom. They welcome far away members, which are necessary in linking PYT to locations all worldwide!
Prairie State 4 Wheel Drive Club
Out of Schaumburg, Illinois, this club was founded to organize trail rides and promote safe, environmentally friendly four wheeling. They were determined to make four wheeling an enjoyable family pastime. Today they are trying to keep land, both public and private, open and available for four wheeling, by working with land owners and public officials, and promoting responsible four wheeling.
Purdue Off-Road Club
Based in West Lafayette, Indiana, this is a club representing Purdue University students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are interested in the sport of Four Wheel Driving. They are a member of IFWDA and UFWDA.
Redliners 4x4 Club
Out of central Minnesota, they are about trailriding. They accept all types of four wheel drive vehicles. A family organization, but more along the lines of the Simpsons than the Cleavers.
Rough Rangers Offroad Club
Based in Cleveland, Ohio, this club started as a Ranger-based club, but have developed into a diverse group of wheelers over the years.
Ruffriders 4WD Club
Out of Northern Indiana/Goshen, this club is active in the local community as well as state and national organizations.
Southeastern Buckeye Four Wheelers
Based out of Baltimore, Ohio this club encourages and promotes interest in 4WD vehicles and their safe use; provides social, educational and recreational activities for members and their families; and participates in and supports civic activities.
Sport Utility Before Yuppies
Out of the Indianapolis Indiana area, they support and participate in off-roading, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping and many other outdoor activities. The mission of SUBY is to promote the idea of utilizing products for their intended use.
Swamp Stompers 4x4 Club
This Michigan club was established for the purpose of enjoying the great outdoors, while utilizing recreational trucks in an evironmentally safe and responsible fashion. They are located in (but are not limited to) the following cities: Ferndale, Madison Heights, Warren, and Rochester Hills.
TC Bushwackers
An active, family oriented club based in the Oshkosh/Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. They specialize in trail rides.
Team Mudd
Out of Stark, Minnesota they meet monthly and do a lot of riding.
The Land Of Giants
Based in Cedar Hill Missouri, this club consists of over 70 trucks ranging from completely stock to extremely modified. Their main goal is helping children. They cruise and support fundraisers like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Toys for Children, jamborees, parades, and local events throughout the year.
Trailhogs Jeep Club
From the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, they meet once a month and have bi-weekly trail rides. This is a family oriented club with members from all over the states of Iowa and Illinois. They usually ride trails of medium difficulty, but have alternative routes for stock 4x4s.
Two Rivers Jeep Club
Based out of Pittsfield, IL, this club is probably the largest all-Jeep Club in the United States that maintains its own trails. What makes Two Rivers unique is that it operates on 100% private land. Trails range from scenic and easy to darn near impossible, especially when wet!
Two Trackers Four Wheel Drive Club
From Kentwood, MI (western Michigan), this family-oriented club organizes a number of trail rides, voluntary forest clean ups, and charitable events each year.
Western Reserve Four-Wheelers
An offroad club of Northeast Ohio with members from around the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania. They host a number of recreational activities for their members that involve the off-pavement use of traditional four-wheel drive vehicles, i.e trucks, Jeeps, Blazers, etc.
Windy City Land Cruisers
Based out of Thiensville, Wisconsin, this is an organization consisting of Toyota 4WD owners (Land Cruisers, mini-trucks, 4Runners) from the entire Great Lakes area. The club includes serious off-roaders, restoration buffs, and the rest of us who just enjoy owning and driving a classic vehicle that can go anywhere.
Wisconsin Four Wheel Drive Association
Check out their long list of active clubs within the state of Wisconsin.
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