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Trails & Maps For 4x4 Off Road Driving - GPS Coordinates & Directions

Directions and maps for the best off road driving trails and other places to go 4-wheeling. These are the most popular places to drive 4WD vehicles off road. Use these links to find new places to go 4-wheeling and trail riding in your area.
Clean Up Our Land, One Trail at a Time
See how one man moved mountains... of trash from offroad trails. As and avid offroader, we can all learn a few things from Tim Huber who took it into his own hands to organized a trail clean-up event in Arizona.
Are We Killing Our Trails? Our Dirty Little Secret
Will promoting local trails ultimately destroy them? Will the wrong people show up and trash our trails? Can too much awareness of our sport (the hobby that we are all so passionate about) undermine its existence? Should trail riding areas and our favorite backcountry roads remain "our dirty little secret" instead of sharing such trails with others?
A Four-Wheeler's Response to Keeping Trails Secret
The ultimate issue is ACCESS to trails; whether they are on private property or public lands. What is crucial to the discussion is an understanding of the opposition to motorized (mechanical) recreation.
Submit A Trail!
If you've come across the website address of a trail not listed here, please use this form to share that trail with fellow 4-wheelers. (Be sure to include the url address that has details about the trail.)
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