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Sounds of Comical Laughing & Funny Happy Excited Sound Effects

Laughing & funny sound effects. Wav files for situations when one appears happy, excited, thrilled, pleased, or comical. Download these free sounds of laughing/funny sounds for use on your own personal website, your offroad club's homepage, or to highlight your off-road driving movies & video clips. Great sound clips for offroad driving, cars, 4x4 pickup trucks, 4WD SUVs, and quad ATVs.
"...This guy is funny!"
"He's funny. I know funny, and this guy is funny!" from Good Morning Vietnam.
"I did it."
"I did it." from the movie Christmas Vacation.
"Two thumbs up... way up."
"Two thumbs up... way up." from 3rd Rock From The Sun.
"Whoa!" (with chuckle)
"Whoa!" (with chuckle at the end).
"Woo hoo!"
"Woo hoo!" from Homer Simpson.
"Yeah, baby. Yeah!"
"Yeah, baby. Yeah!" from Austin Powers.
Ah ha ha!
From the Three Stooges.
Bart Simpson's Evil Laugh
A wisecracking laugh sound clip from Bart Simpson.
Crash Then Evil Laugh
This is a sound effect of an evil laugh following the sound of a crash.
Elmer Fudd's Laugh
The sound of Elmer Fudd laughing.
Laughing Beavis and Butthead
Here's a short Beavis and Butthead laugh.
Scooby Doo's Laugh
Laughing outtake from Scooby Doo.
Taz Laugh
The Tasmanian Devil laughing.
Tazmanian Devil Razzy Laugh
A sound clip to use when things don't go quite as planned...
"Wahoo!" from Homer Simpson.
Yosemite Sam's Evil Laugh
This evil laugh sound just makes you smile.
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