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Jerry Cans, Racks, Holders & Mounts For Transporting Gasoline Off Road

To safely transport gasoline off road, you'll need a jerry can and a rack to fit your vehicle. Here are some jerry cans, racks, mounts and holders for Jeeps, Broncos, and other offroad vehicles.
4x4 Connection
These TJM jerry can holders are designed to bolt or weld into a suitable flat place on your vehicle or trailer.
Acme Truck Parts
Search for "gerry" and you'll find a variety of jerry cans and accessories.
AutoSport Catalog
A steel Jerry Can rugged enough for military use. This one is welded up from tough .9mm steel-powder, coated to resist scratching. A clamp-down lid seals against a rubber gasket to prevent leaks, and the lock pin keeps the lid from opening accidentally.
Blitz USA
Blitz manufactures a variety of automotive products, and fuel & water cans are among their most popular.
Durango 4x4
They carry single and dual gerry can racks, as well as Blitz gerry cans.
Generator Joe
They are a major supplier to the U.S. Government for fuel and water cans. This is their master can chart which shows the hundreds of cans available for off-roading, safari and survival. They offer the largest selection and in stock availability of most common products.
International Military Sales Plus
Jerry cans and related accessories can be found here.
Jerry Can Modifications
Find yourself holding your jerry can forever as the gas slowly trickles into your tank? This easy inexpensive fix will replace that tiny air hole with a larger hole and will prevent massive amounts of fuel from spilling onto the ground or all over the side of your vehicle. Step-by-step instructions, plus pictures.
Kaymar 4wd Accessories
Here you'll find jerry cans for water or gasoline, both with 20 litre capacity.
Microlight Sport Aviation
They carry plastic jerry cans in two different sizes -- 20 LT & 25 LT.
Olive-Drab Jerry Cans for Gasoline and Water
Check out the history, photos and lots of information about military gas and water cans -- metal and plastic -- from their origins in WWII until today.
Rex Plastics
They carry a complete line of plastic jerry cans and tight head containers.
Stowers Containment Solutions
They have a number of jerry cans to choose from.
Swiss Army Issue Surplus
You can find jerry cans and other fuel containers here that are relatively inexpensive.
Tools Plus
They carry "the original" 5 gallon BLITZ Jerry can that comes with a screw on metal spout and cap. Made of durable metal, it has a brass filter screen in cover to resist corrosion.
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