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IH Scout Rides - Photo Gallery of International Scout 4x4s

The original Scout was created as a competitor to the Jeep. The Scout was developed and ultimately produced in less than two years time -- a remarkable achievement in the automotive industry in the 60's. The Scout line was formally introduced to the public on January 18, 1961.[p]IH Scout photo gallery of 4x4s where Scout owners have submitted photographs and details of their off road rides. If your Scout is your pride and joy, you can submit your ride for this International Harvester Scout Photo Gallery too!
International Harvester Scout II
The Scout II debuted in April of 1971 and incorporated vehicle improvements that engineers had determined necessary during manufacture of the original Scout.
International Scout 4x4 Rides
International Scout 4x4 Rides
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Corn Husker's Scout 80
Though as of this photo August '05 Corn Husker's project Scout 80 was just a shell of it's former self, much progress has been made and we're looking forward to seeing the final results.
Frank Koster's 1979 International Scout SS II
The SS II (Super Scout) model debuted in 1977 as a soft-top, soft door, open air grille edition that was popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Nearly 4,000 SS II's were produced between 1977 and 1979. Here's the true "international" Scout SS II. Frank rolls around the Netherlands in this great looking ride.
Shane Blakeley's 1965 International Harvester C1200
Check out Shane's ride for a chance to pick up a great project vehicle.
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