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Hybrid Cars & Electric Vehicles (HEVs) - Full Hybrid 4WD Trucks & SUVs

Hybrids are the car of the future... And the future is NOW! They deliver exceptional fuel economy, yet drive like (and are fueled the same way as) conventional vehicles. Check out these hybrid 4x4 pickup trucks and SUVs. Learn about the off road and towing capabilities of Full Hybrids.
Hybrid Tax Credit For People Who Buy A Hybrid SUV Or Some Other Type Of Hybrid Vehicle
First, there was a tax deduction for those who bought SUVs for "business purposes"... Now, the tax deduction for those who purchased a hybrid car or SUV for environmental, business, economic, or just about any other reason under the sun is going away in lieu of a new hybrid tax CREDIT -- effective January 1, 2006.
HEVs - Alternative Power in SUVs
Is it time to trade in the roar of the internal combustion engine for the hum of the electric motor? What are the odds that offroaders buy into this?
Pros & Cons of Hybrid Cars, Trucks & SUVs
Can you drive an SUV or pickup truck in good conscience these days? If it's a Hybrid pickup truck or SUV you can. Before you buy one, here's everything you need to know about Hybrid cars and the future of Hybrid pickup trucks and SUVs, including the history of Hybrid vehicles, pros and cons of owning Hybrids, a little about how Hybrid cars work, and their 4x4 off road and towing capabilities.
Ford's Hybrid Escape SUV
Ford Motor Company highlighted its commitment to Hybrid vehicles when it unveiled the Escape Hybrid SUV. As the first true no-compromise Hybrid SUV, it combines the cargo capacity and go-anywhere capability of the Ford Escape sport utility vehicle with the fuel economy and emissions benefits of a Full Hybrid system.
2005 Hybrid Trucks & SUVs
Gas/electric hybrid technology goes truckin' for 2005. Here's a look at the hybrid sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks that will debut for 2005, including the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV, Lexus RX 400h SUV Hybrid, and the Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Hybrid Pickup Truck.
Designing the Truck of the Future
Teams of students from 15 top North American universities are reengineering a conventional, mid-size Ford Explorer into a lower-emissions vehicle with at least 25% higher fuel economy, without sacrificing performance, utility, safety and affordability. All of the teams are implementing hybrid electric designs.
Electric Cars No More
Automakers are now focusing on hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Many have abandoned the electric car idea in lieu of the HEV's potential.
EV World
The Internet's most popular portal to the world of "green" transportation. There are test drives, interviews, and reports on all forms of electric vehicles (EVs).
Ford Escape Hybrid
Available with 4WD, Ford calls it the first high-volume, mainstream alternative to the traditional powertrain in nearly 100 years.
Fuel Savings Calculator
See how much you could save on gasoline alone by buying a Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Use this online calculator to quickly determine how much you spend on gasoline each year with your current vehicle, compared to how much you'd be likely to spend if you drove a hybrid instead.
Gas-Powered Autos On "Green" List
In a break from the past, most of the autos topping this list of environmently friendly vehicles are gasoline powered.
Greener Cars
An environmental guide to cars and trucks. Do you know what makes one car greener than another? Here's a look at the role of hybrids.
Hybrid Sales Figures
Many auto manufacturers are changing their stance on hybrids and are choosing to delay the release of some hybrid vehicle models or even drop some models from their hybrid program altogether according to JD Power and Associates.
Lexus Hybrid SUV RX400h
Lexus to debut the world's first luxury gas-electric hybrid SUV, the RX 400h.
Road Test: First Drive In '05 Ford Escape Hybrid
We were thoroughly impressed by the fact that we soundly beat Ford's own city estimates (of miles per gallon) for the AWD version. Our only complaint with the powertrain was a minor one the engine gets a little buzzy while maintaining speeds of 55 mph or above on long uphill stretches.
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