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Funny Jokes & Humor About 4x4 Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps & Off Road Vehicles

Amuse yourself with a little bit of automotive off road humor! Funny jokes about 4x4 pick up trucks, 4WD SUVs, offroad Jeeps, Ford Broncos, and more. Plus funny pictures jokes and cartoons about 4 wheeling, clean jokes, tasteless humor, and funny photos that are truly a sign of the times.
4-Wheeling Into The Future
A satire on what the future may hold for the sport of four wheeling. This is a 5-part article.
A Prayer, A Poem, And A Committment
Three cute 4-wheeling rhymes to brighten your day.
4x4 Dart Board
A comical dart board to hang in your garage to help make those important 4-wheel related decisions.
Are You Addicted To 4-Wheeling?
Are you addicted? How do you know? A humorous comparison of alcohol addiction and 4x4 addiction.
Bulls Balls/Truck Nuts
The most unusual two pound vehicle accessory in the world. No respectable truck should be without a set. Hang a pair of these under your rig and watch people - watch you... drive by!
Design Your Own SUV
Satirical examples of today’s SUVs. Design your own... from the "Exxon Valdez Commemorative Edition" in Road Rage Red to the "Victoria's Secret Lovemobile Edition" in Pure Suburban White.
How Microsoft Would Change The Auto Industry
Here are the Top 20 ways Microsoft would change the auto industry.
Eulogy For An Old Friend
If your ride is on its last legs, give it the proper respect with this thoughtful Eulogy.
How To Tell If Your 4WD Is Working
You'll need the help of a passenger for this one.
If Microsoft Built Cars...
A humorous look at how life would be if Microsoft built cars.
Miscellaneous Vehicle Humor
Check out these "4WD Vehicle Acronyms" (like "Bronco - Body Rust Overwhelms New Car Owner"). Lots more good stuff, including "A Twelve Step Program for 4x4 Recoveries" and other random humor about different makes & models of offroad vehicles.
Offroader's Prayer
Prior to leaving the pavement, give the Offroader's Prayer a try.
Signs You Might Be A 4-Wheeler
An excellent list of things hard-core four wheelers do and say. Are you one?
Truck Jokes
Ten reasons to leave your truck in primer and anther take-off of Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a REDNECK if...."
Universal Hand Signals
How to tell where someone's from, based on their hand gestures used while driving.
What Your Vehicle Says About You
What you drive says a lot about who you are. What does your vehicle say about you?
What's Cool & What Sucks
See what offroaders think is cool... and what sucks!
Wheelin Through A Winter Wonderland
Sung to the tune of "Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland".
Xtreme Annoyance Vehicles
Do you know the difference between "the Irritator", "the Intimidator", "the Violator", and "the Annihilator"?
You Know You Own A Land Rover When...
How do you know when someone owns a Land Rover?... When you can't decide whether to park on a hill in case your starter fails or on the flat in case your handbrake fails. Dozens of humorous LR-specific scenarios!
You Know You're A 4X4 Nut When...
...You have enough spare parts to build another 4X4???
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