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Pros & Cons Of Owning Hummer's Sport-Utility Truck

Tips Before You Buy A Hummer H2 SUT



  • Loaded with plenty of standard features
  • More practical cargo storage space than in the H2 wagon
  • Power everything
  • Best in its class off-road capabilities, with steep approach and departure angles and plenty of ground clearance
  • Trailer-towing capacity
  • Hitch receivers and wiring looms on both front and rear bumpers (useful for guiding a trailer, or extricating other vehicles with the optional Warn winch)
  • Adequate head room for all passengers -- front and rear
  • Convertible "feel" when all windows, mid-gate, and sunroof are opened
  • Customizable cargo area: Simply lower the power midgate window, fold down the 2nd row of seats, and the midgate easily lays into the cabin
  • 9-speaker BOSE music system with in-dash cassette/CD player (a 6-disc CD changer is optional) with rear-seat audio controls and headphone jacks


  • You can't put the tailgate down to add a tailgate extender (since the spare tire would swing around in traffic), so you are limited to hauling only what fits in the bed and stops at the tailgate.
  • Tan (or "wheat") leather seats are standard, regardless of exterior color, with optional black leather
  • Highway merging and passing take patience, as it takes some time to get this behemoth up to speed
  • Chunky appearance, with a chopped off truck bed
  • Negotiating traffic isn't as easy as negotiating obstacles off-road in this vehicle
  • Extreme width makes parking and maneuvering in town tricky
  • Road noise is a nuisance, especially at speeds over 60mph
  • Some dashboard features appear cheap for such a high-priced vehicle
  • Must use running boards and hand grips to enter/exit
  • Rear visibility is hindered by roof pillars, rear headrests, and spare tire -- all blocking much of the rear window
  • Rear seat is too cramped for three adults
  • When folded down, the midgate sits several inches above the cargo-bed floor, hindering slide-in loading of long objects
  • Tailgate is very heavy (thanks to the attached, swing-out spare tire) and very high off the ground
  • Limited pass-through size at the midgate
  • Poor fuel economy (though it's to be expected)

Facts About The Hummer H2 SUT
The SUT's Most Unique Features & Options

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