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GPS Units, Receivers & Geocaching: How To Have Fun With A GPS Offroad

How to choose the best GPS receiver for off-road adventures, including reviews of the most popular GPS systems. Learn how to use a GPS unit to help you navigate offroad, plus tips for enjoying the hottest new outdoor adventure game called "Geocaching" right from the seat of your 4x4 pickup truck, SUV or ATV!
Which 4x4 Is Best For Geocaching?
Check here to find out which 4x4's are most suitable for offroad geocaching. See what you need to watch for in terms of clearance, traction, etc.
Dash-Mounted vs Handheld: Top GPS Units
Tips for choosing the best GPS unit, including how to decided between handheld versus dash-mounted GPS receivers. Here are the pros and cons of each, as well as the Top Dash-Mounted GPS Receivers and the Top Handheld GPS Receivers. Detailed reviews of the Garmin GPS III Plus and Garmin eTrex.
Top Handheld GPS Units
Here are the best lightweight and portable GPS units that you can carry around with you. Use them inside your vehicle or out. This means, lots of versatility on your outdoor adventures!
Top Dash-Mounted GPS Units
Garmin, Magellan and Lowrance are the undisputed leaders in dash-mounted GPS units and receivers.
Geocaching - How To Have Fun With A GPS And A 4x4
All you need to participate in this new high-tech treasure hunt is a GPS device and a thirst for offroad adventure! Here's how to enjoy the hot new adventure game (called Geocaching), right from the seat of your 4x4 pickup truck, SUV or ATV.
Garmin eTrex Vista GPS Receiver - A Review Of The Best GPS Available
The Garmin eTrex Vista is the most feature-packed version of the eTrex line. The Vista model certainly lives up to its reputation, as there are far too many "pros" to list here, and relatively few "cons".
Before You Buy A GPS Unit
Here are the most important things you should consider before you buy a GPS unit.
Adventure GPS
America's GPS marketplace. You'll find a variety of GPS tracking systems, hand-held products, and other GPS vehicle navigation aids.
Degree Confluence Project
The goal of this wonderful project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location! The pictures and stories are all posted here. You can participate yourself, or just visit some of these great locations -- all with a GPS unit.
They specialize in GPS receivers and accessories. They offer universal external antennas, RAM mounting systems, instructional videos, and rechargeable batteries. They also have great prices on MapSource, MapSend and DataSend CDs.
The industry leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and an innovator in consumer electronics. Check out what's new, get answers to your GPS questions, and more at this site.
All you need is a GPS device and a hunger for adventure to participate in the newest form of high tech treasure hunting. At this web site you can find the latest caches in your area, how to hide your own cache, and information on how to get started in this fun and exciting sport called geocaching.
GPS City
Great deals on systems, receivers, antennas, videos, cables, mounting brackets, mapping and software.
Here you'll find GPS receivers including: Garmin GPS, Lowrance GPS, Magellan GPS, and DeLorme GPS products.
How GPS Works - A Tutorial
A tutorial that's designed to give you a good basic understanding of the principles behind GPS without loading you down with too much technical detail. Excellent graphics depicting how GPS works.
How To Hardwire Your GPS Unit
Step-by-step instructions for how to hardwire a Garmin Color Street Pilot GPS unit in your vehicle. Excellent pictures are included so you can do it yourself.
Joe Mehaffey's Updated GPS Info Site
Stay on top of all the latest and greatest when it comes to GPS. This site is updated regularly to keep you in the know.
Designer and manufacturer of Sonar, GPS, Mapping and Aviation instruments.
Magellan's satellite access products help us map, plot, track, locate, position, navigate, time and communicate around the globe.
Magellan 750M Review
A test-drive review of the Magellan 750M onboard navigational system. Also, a little about how auto navigation systems work in general.
Navigation Systems From JC Whitney
JC Whitney offers a variety of affordable navigation systems to choose from.
Navigational Aids - How To Use Them
Navigation is the science of knowing where you are in the process of getting yourself from point A to point B. Learn how to use maps, compasses, and GPS's when navigating offroad.
Rand McNally GPS Units & Software
Rand McNally puts the globe at your fingertips with software that works with a variety of GPS receivers, as well as the Rand McNally GPS unit.
Review of Rand McNally's GPS w/StreetFinder
This is an excellent review of Rand McNally's product, including actual photographs of the read-out, as well as pros and cons of Rand McNally's GPS unit.
Reviews of Garmin's GPS Units
Epinions is a great site for user reviews of all types of products. Here, owners of Garmin GPS units give firsthand reviews to assist others interested in purchasing a GPS unit.
Reviews of Handheld GPS Units
Handheld devices are great because they can be used both in your vehicle and outside of it. Here's what owners of various handheld GPS units think about the one they own.
Reviews of Magellan's GPS Units
Epinions is a great site for user reviews of all types of products. Here, owners of Magellan GPS units give firsthand reviews to assist others interested in purchasing a GPS unit.
Reviews of Rand McNally's GPS Units
Owners of Rand McNally GPS units give firsthand reviews to assist others interested in purchasing a GPS unit.
TigerLine Mapping Service
This is the U.S. Census Bureau's online mapping service. Plot your own coordinates to make your own map.
Power tools for your GPS! TopoGrafix leads the way with innovative software for your Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS.
Their TopoFactory is the quickest and easiest way to create and download your own custom topographic maps.
Understanding GPS (Video)
View this full-length video online. A great how-to for off road drivers interested in learning how GPS works and how to take advantage of knowing a location's waypoints.
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