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Handy Throttle ATV Thumb Throttle Conversion Kit

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Handy Throttle Conversion Kit

Handy Throttle Conversion Kit

Matt Finley

The Bottom Line

The Handy Throttle ATV thumb throttle conversion kit is by no means a replacement for a real twist throttle. But it does give you a more in-expensive way to decide if a real twist throttle conversion is something for you to consider.

It's also a good replacement for people with hand/digit pain, beginning riders and people that only ride their ATV occasionally.

Learn How to Install the Handy Throttle


  • Reduces fatigue in the hands
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable - Less than $50.00
  • Good for beginner and occasional riders
  • Affordable way to decide if a real throttle conversion is in your future


  • Does not feel like a natural twist throttle
  • Is not as responsive as a thumb throttle
  • Not a suitable twist throttle for advanced riders


  • Reduces sore thumbs and hands
  • Easier for people with arthritis pain in the hands to ride ATVs
  • Easy to install and convert a thumb throttle to a twist throttle

Guide Review - Handy Throttle ATV Thumb Throttle Conversion Kit

One of the things for many people to get used to when riding an ATV is getting used to the thumb throttle. Not that it's difficult to learn, it's really very natural. It's because of fatigue and pain in the thumb.

Making it Easier to Learn to Ride an ATV

If you are teaching your kids to ride an ATV, a twist throttle may be a good teaching aid. If their thumb hurts they will want to stop riding.

If you're on a trail and not able to quickly get back, it could be real uncomfortable for a child. It doesn't take much for a kid to decide they don't like something because it causes pain.

It was easy to install the Handy Throttle. The some of the parts seemed somewhat fragile, but there were no problems during installation.

Not Very Confidence Inspiring During Hard Riding

A thumb throttle has an advantage over a twist throttle in bumps and on jumps. You can completely let go of the throttle without letting go of the handle bars. That means less jerky-ness while you're trying to maintain control. It also means if you have an "oh, *#&$" moment, you won't have a death-grip causing a wide open throttle as you hold on for dear life.

There is considerable slop built into the Handy Throttle that makes it difficult to control the throttle precisely. It's not so bad that it's either on or off, but it's enough to make you stop relying on the throttle to "fine-tune" your ATV's movement.

You can pick up a Handy Throttle for $35.00 to $40.00. If you're a serious rider looking to switch to a twist throttle, this isn't the one because it doesn't replace the thumb throttle, it simply ads a twist grip with a little arm to activate the original thumb throttle.

If you're a new rider or occasional rider, or want to try a twist throttle before you make the plunge, the Handy Throttle is a good choice.

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