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Gorilla 3000lb Waterproof ATV Winch

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Gorilla 3,000lb Waterproof Professional Winch

Gorilla 3,000lb Waterproof Professional Winch


The Bottom Line

With 3,000 lbs of waterproof pulling capacity at a reasonable price, I'm not going to be shy about getting up to the seat in mud.


  • Waterproof
  • 3,000 lb capacity
  • Sturdy mounting hardware
  • Adjustable handlebar mounted rocker switch
  • Costs just over $300.00 and are often on sale for less


  • Mounting brackets for many models must be purchased seperately


  • Waterproof design allows you to take the Gorilla Winch just about anywhere.
  • Packaged neatly and ready to install.
  • Clear, precise installation instructions.
  • Large holes on the front plate allow air in to radiator.
  • 3,000lbs capacity allows you to pull yourself or others out of many sticky situations.
  • Handlebar mounted thumb switch makes it easy to operate the winch while sitting in the riding position.

Guide Review - Gorilla 3000lb Waterproof ATV Winch

If you ride an ATV on the trail and prefer to go through or over obstacles instead of around them, you might consider a Gorilla 3,000lb Waterproof Professional Winch to bail you out in case you get stuck. This winch is a fine addition to any Utility ATV's list of accessories.

From the moment you open the package that contains the winch, the roller fairlead, the wiring harness, handlebar mounted thumb switch, hook and directions, you'll know you made the right choice. Everything is boxed up real nice and ready to install.

Installing the Gorilla Winch wasn't too difficult because the directions were clear and accurate. The mounting plate fits nicely on a Polaris, but there are some model that you will need to buy a separate mounting plate for. Some hardware may need to be removed from the front of the ATV before mounting.

Once I got everything installed and tested to make sure it worked properly, it was time to head out to the trail and try to get myself stuck. It didn't take long to find a puddle of fresh mud to play in, and after about 5 minutes of romping in and out getting covered from axle to triple tree with mud (with a little help from some friends), I decided I should just ride it to the middle of the puddle and stop, otherwise I would be there all day trying to get stuck.

So I did. When I got stuck I gave the hook to my buddy who took it about 20 feet away to a large boulder and tied it around. I fired up the ATV and dug a nice hole with the tires, then tried to get out but couldn't. So I put it into neutral, thumbed the switch, and the mud-covered winch started chugging along, pulling me slowly and steadily free of the mud.

After the adventure, I went home and turned the hose on the Gorilla to wash away the mud. Everything ran smoothly, without any problems, and the performance was nothing short of stellar.

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