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Pat's 1986 Ford BroncoII

Louisville, KY


It took $1,200 to get home from the junkyard, but it took lots of TLC to get Pat's ride looking this good.
1986 Ford BroncoII

1986 Ford BroncoII



Ride Description:
I LOVE MY EDDIE BAUER BRONCO! I paid $1,200.00 when I bought it from a junk yard.

Jeff Myers of Sonny's body shop on 3rd St painted my truck. I had no idea what he was planning to do, but I loved the end result.

Next dual exhaust Flow Masters installed. I had the transmission rebuilt fixing the 4x4. Moab Off Road installed my Skyjacker lift kit and install new manual lockouts. Moab Also put new springs and leaves on my truck. Moab then found me these awesome American Racing Python 16inch wheels.

I put a new grill and front bumper, I have the rubber trim for my bumper but haven't put it on yet.

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