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Eric's 1976 Ford F250

Rockville, KY


This ride benefitted from many hours of wrench time by Eric & his dad; lots of special touches such as the hand-made wooden flatbed built from their own lumber.
1976 Ford F250

1976 Ford F250


Ride Description:
This was my fathers truck. He passed Sept.2005.He and I have put a lot of wrench time in this old girl. B.B.390 V8,Set hooker headers,750cfm Edlebrock carb.,Aluminum highrise intake Accel coil, Accel 8.8mm plug wires MSD distributor,H.V. oil pump,3/4Edlebrock Torque cam, W/granny gear 4spd. manual trans.,1-ton front axle w/Locking unit,Remove factory metal bed for wooden flatbed,(Father built by hand), Logs and lumber cut here on home place! A set of dual wheels were added too the 4:10/Limited-Slip rearend. With 6 Mud Track RWL-tires,It's sure footed truck! Always synthetic fluids front to rear. Interior color is Tan/Black, With Black leather bench seat,Headliner is black tucked and rolled,Hurst hand shifter,and 5" white face tach.

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