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Eco-Friendly Products and Accessories for Your ATVs and Offroading

The OHV park you help save from closure could be your own!


Eco-Friendly Products and Accessories for Your ATVs and Offroading

Stay on Trails

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ATVs and Offroading is becoming more popular every year. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission over the last 15 years the number of ATVs in use in the United States has sky-rocketed from less than half a million to over 10 million.

While that's good for the ATV industry and the communities that benefit from the economical push associated with providing people a place to ride ATVs, it may not be so good for Mother Nature. As the numbers increase the demand for resources increases as well, including the demand for more oil/petrolium based products and the demand for more land with which to ride.

There are ever increasing numbers of products we can use on or with our quads that will help us, as a community of good stewards to the environment, have less of a negative impact while we recreate.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

There's a huge push towards removing or at least reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. The biggest way the ATV and offroading community can impact this trend is to consider alternative fuel vehicles when you're ready to buy a new ATV.

Those buying a utility ATV will find the most variety. The original electric ATV, the Model One EUV by Barefoot Motors, is off to a good start in the migration process to alternative fuel sources. Polaris has stepped it up a notch by adding the EV Electric Powered Side-By-Side (SxS) to the mix for 2010 and stepped it up a few notches since. And what about compressed air as a propulsion alternative? It could happen!

Use Green Products

There are more and more eco-friendly products becoming available for 4x4 and offroading enthusiasts. Whether it's maintenance, repair, or even bling, you can find eco-friendly alternatives ranging from Yamalube Biodegradable Foam Air Filter Oil to eco-friendly tires based on, wait for it...tree fibre!

Some of the other ways you can help reduce Environmental Impact include:

  • Supporting and Partnering with Environmental Groups
  • Political Activism
Barefoot Motors Model One Electric ATV Review

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