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Sound Effects of Auto Crashes, Collisions, Wrecks & Breaking Glass

Sound effects of car crashes & auto collisions. Wav files & sound clips for situations when a vehicle collides: breaking glass & stopping tires. Download these free sounds of automobile crashes for use on your own personal website, your offroad club's homepage, or to highlight your off-road driving movies & video clips. Great sound clips for offroad driving, cars, 4x4 trucks, 4WD SUVs and ATVs.
"Damn it!..."
"Damn it!..." by Homer Simpson.
"Doh! Argh! Aaiii!" (crash, splat)
"Doh! Argh! Aaiii!" (crash, splat) from Homer Simpson.
"Hold on, while I try and find my balls for gods sakes."
"Hold on, while I try and find my balls for gods sakes." from Austin Powers.
"I am invincible! Invincible! (smack) Yooowww!"
"I am invincible! Invincible! (smack) Yooowww!" from Homer Simpson.
"I am so screwed."
"I am so screwed." from the TV show 3rd Rock From The Sun.
"Ouch!..." by Homer Simpson.
"That really does hurt."
"That really does hurt." from the movie The Hot Chick.
"We have just lost cabin pressure."
"We have just lost cabin pressure." from the movie Fight Club.
"We just had a near life experience."
"We just had a near life experience." from the movie Fight Club.
"Who needs fun anyway?..."
"Who needs fun anyway?..." from the TV show 3rd Rock From The Sun.
"You okay?"
"You okay?" from Good Morning Vietnam.
"…You blew it up."
"...You blew it up." from the movie Fight Club.
Crash and Breaking Glass
Loud vehicle collision with broken glass.
Crash Then Evil Laugh
This is a sound effect of an evil laugh following the sound of a crash.
The sound effect of something exploding.
Fire Crackling
Sound clip for something that caught fire and it's crackling in the flames.
Flintstones Skidding
The sound of applying the brakes to Fred and Barney's foot-powered automobile.
Horn, Tires Screech, Collision
The chain reaction of a car horn, followed by screeching tires as vehicle slams on the brakes, resulting in a crash.
Loud bang then "Owwww!!"
Loud bang then "Owwww!!" from Homer Simpson.
Police Car Siren
The sound of the siren coming from a police car.
Punctured Tire
A longer than usual sound effect of a tire that's been punctured then loses air.
Screeching Tires
The sound of squealing tires coming to a fast stop.
Siren Alarm
The siren alarm of an emergency vehicle.
Siren and Horn
The siren of an emergency vehicle, along with the honking of its horn in the background.
Stuck Sounds
The engine's working hard and the tires are spinning, but you're still stuck.
Tazmanian Devil Razzy Laugh
A sound clip to use when things don't go quite as planned...
Tire Blow Out
A tire going flat after being punctured on the trail.
Truck Collision
A loud truck crash.
Window Breaking
The sound of the glass in a window breaking.
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