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Courses & Training - Learn How To Drive 4x4 Trucks & 4WD SUVs

Want to learn more about 4x4's? Want to improve your off-road driving skills? Just bring your vehicle with a full tank of gas, and you will learn in a day what it takes many people years to learn on their own. Multi-day courses are also available from many of these professional instructors, making it easy to turn your 4WD training into an off road vacation!
Sedona Jeep School (AZ)
The adventure begins where the pavement ends with the Sedona Jeep School!
Camp Jeep (VA/CA)
Camp Jeep is an off-road event hosted by DaimlerChrysler to help you learn more about your own Jeep (inside and out), and all that its capable of (off-road and on). They have offroad driving courses for hands-on learning, as well as tutorials and information stations. Events take place July 15-17, 2004 in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and August 19-21, 2004 in California's Santa Ynez Mountains.
Jeep 101 - Test Drives & Offroad Courses
Jeep 101 is a grueling, one-of-a-kind test-drive event, hosted by DaimlerChrysler. It's the most challenging off-road course they've ever built - and it's coming to a town near you: NJ, NY, NC, VA, TN, MI, CA, WA, CO, IL, TX, and FL. At Jeep 101, you get to experience the highest levels of 4x4 testing, drive the all-new Wrangler Unlimited, and enjoy activities for the entire family.
4x4 Quest (CA)
Learn how to get the most out of your 4-wheel drive vehicle with a hands-on training class. The class focuses on how to properly and safely handle your 4X4 vehicle and aquaints the SUV driver with the basics of operation, mechanics, ability and limitations of a sport-utility vehicle. In California.
Adventure 4WD (IN)
Four wheel drive training (Level I and II Trainings) and adventures for your SUV offered at the Badlands Off-Road Park in Attica, IN.
Bill Burke's 4-Wheeling America (CO)
Drive with Bill Burke by your side in his specially equipped Land Rover (or in your own vehicle if it is set up properly). You’ll travel on a variety of trails in Colorado.
Bridgestone Winter Driving School (CO)
Helps you develop the confidence you need to drive on snow and ice. Located in Colorado.
Eco 4WD Adventures (CA)
They host backcountry tours and college classes that range from one-day outings into local mountains and deserts to 12-day expeditions into the uncharted depths Mexico's Copper Canyon. Based out of California.
Esprit de Four 4WD Safety Clinic (CA)
This course is primarily tailored to introduce those with little or no experience to off-road driving safety and trip planning. Those with more experience will come away with the knowledge that there is more to four wheeling than simply shifting into 4WD. In California.
4Wheel Drive Training to see if you're as capable as your 4WD vehicle is. Based in Australia.
Kankku Driving School (UK)
Near Lake Windermere, Nick runs this off-road driving school. You'll learn how to have great fun in extreme driving situations. They'll also develop corporate events to add some unique team building adventures into your next meeting.
Land Rover Offroad Driving School (VT)
Who's this class for? Everyone with a sense of adventure -- men and women of all ages enjoy the excitement of this unique program. Even for those who have never ventured off-road, the course is fun and educational, while offering excitement and an unforgettable experience. In Williston, Vermont.
Nemacolin Off Road Driving Academy (PA)
Throughout your 2-hour excursion inside a Hummer, you'll learn the skills essential to off-road driving, including safe driving techniques. Absolutely no previous off-road driving experience is necessary, just a desire to become a safer, more educated driver. Located near Pittsburgh, PA.
Offroad Academy (CANADA)
Have fun while getting to know your 4x4. Prepare yourself for the outdoors. Get to know your winch and all other equipment to best prepare you for your own offroad adventures. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Off Road Teach & Tour Adventures (CA)
They can safely teach you in one day what it takes most people years and years to learn on their own. Their 4WD courses are more than education - they’re ADVENTURES! While you learn how to safely operate your four-wheel drive vehicle off road, you will also be given a personalized tour of the area.
Off-Road Experience Classes (NV)
They even have a photographer on hand to photograph you and your 4x4 in action! Most classes are based out of the Reno, Nevada area.
On Course 4WD Training (AFRICA)
Professional and "situation specific" driver training that teaches techniques you need to safely operate your 4wd vehicle in East Africa and Southern Sudan.
Overland Experts (CT)
Classes for all levels of experience are taught in a private course. As a biologist, a holder of three 4x4 instructor level certificates, and having over 20 years experience (10 in the instruction of some level), this instructor shows qualifications not normally seen in this type of business. They're located in Connecticut, halfway between New York City and Boston.
Recreational Leadership Training Course (CA)
Led by Del Albright, this one-of-a-kind course is available to all recreationalists in all sports. It will teach you how to be more productive, and effectively do several things at once. It's done by correspondence (email), so you can work at your own pace.
Rubicon Trail 4x4 Driving Seminar (CA)
No previous 4WD experience required. Learn what it takes to successfully negotiate rough four wheel drive trails like the Rubicon Trail or other difficult off-road challenges. Want to make the tough stuff look easy? Want to feel comfortable with every aspect of 4WD? This seminar is designed to teach advanced level driving skills in 4 very intensive days. In California.
Rubicon Trail For First-Timers (CA)
You don't need any special skills or previous 4x4 experience. Driving a terrain that seems almost impassable is a major highlight of this course - however, it is the magnificence of the High Sierra that will make it unforgettable. Pristine mountain lakes, towering pines, rustic camping with long talks around the fire will leave a long lasting impression. In California.
Two Rivers Jeep Club Training Course (IL)
This course was developed to help four-wheelers become more safety concious and also to create an awareness of issues facing wheeling on private land. There are several versions of the course offered: One for beginners; one for those with wheeling experience; and an advanced course for trail guides and helpers. In Pittsfield, Illinois.
United 4WD Association Safety Training Clinic (MD)
Their aim is to instill responsible off-highway driving skills through education and instruction to novice 4-wheel drive vehicles owners. Find out about the Association as well as regional and state 4WD drive associations in your area. Based out of Maryland, but promoting safety clinics in many other states.
Western Adventures 4x4 Driving School (CA)
They will help you become familiar with your vehicle and your on- and off-road driving skills. They'll also touch on a few technical issues, so you might get some dirt or grease on your hands. Based out of Ramona, California.
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