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Dodge 4-Wheeling Clubs - 4x4 Offroad Drivers Who Own Dodge Trucks SUVs

Whether you're the owner of a Dodge Dakota, Durango, or Ram Charger pickup truck, here are the most active Dodge truck clubs across the United States. Find places to ride and 4-wheelers to chat with in these off road driving and trail riding clubs for fans of Dodge 4x4 trucks and SUVs.
4x4 Durangos
This 4x4 Durango group is for all Durango owners to a post their ride, info, tweaks & tricks to share with others. It's a great place for those looking for others who have modified their Durangos and companies who have parts for them, because the Durango is a very difficult toy to find parts or information about other modifications people have done.
Dakota Owners Forums
Choose from V6 or V8 Dakotas, Raised Dakotas, Custom Audio, Custom Style, Off Road - Suspension Issues, General Discussion about Dodge Dakotas, and more! Nearly 200,000 Dodge Dakota owners visit here regularly.
Dodge Dakota Owners Club
A very active cyber club for owners of any year Dodge Dakota.
Dodge Durango Club
This is a very active cyber club -- "the biggest and best Dodge Durango owners club on the web for free!"
Dodge Durango Owners
They provide a way for individuals having a common interest in the Dodge Durango specifically and SUVs in general to meet, exchange ideas and information and generate enthusiasm for all. They provide a clearinghouse for all information relating to the Dodge Durango and links to Dodge Durango chapters all across the world.
Dodge Ram 50 Truck Owners
A cyber club for owners of Dodge Ram 50 and D50 and Power Ram 50 trucks as well as Plymouth Arrow trucks.
Dodge Rams Unlimited
An active cyber club for fans of the Dodge Ram truck.
Dodge Talk
An online cyber club resource for all Dodge vehicle fans.
Indy Ram Association
The home on the web for owners of the 1996 Dodge Ram, Indianapolis 500 Special Edition.
PilotHouse Era Truck Club of America
Out of Santa Rosa, California, this is largely a cyber club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 1948-1953 Dodge and Fargo trucks
Ram Charger Central
A virtual club for owners of Dodge Ramchargers, Rams, Power Wagons, Trail Dusters, Dakotas, Durangos and all other Mopar trucks.
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