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Recycled Car Parts Used In Fashionable Accessories

Fun & Fashion From Recycled Goods


These days, "fashion wear" stretches the imagination like never before. Here are some interesting items made from recycled car, truck, and tire parts.

  • If you're into recycling, environmentally-friendly materials, and hugging trees... or you just subscribe to the theory "waste not, want not"... then you'll surely appreciate the following environmentally conscious clothing & fashion wear.
  • If you're just into fashion for fashion's sake, and you're always on the lookout for something fresh, new, and different... then you'll really dig these hip & cool new ideas.

Check out how recycled parts are being converted into chic and fashionable styles for all ages... men and women alike.

The best part about recycled clothing: No two are exactly alike, meaning you've always got a one-of-a-kind original. Plus, the odds are, it will last you a lifetime (...some are even GUARANTEED for life!)

Recycled Rubber Black Evening Bag
Made from recycled car tires.

Vulcana Bags, Totes, Purses & Wallets
Made from hemp-fused Vulcana rubber combined with Vulcana's patented, recycled car tire sheet rubber to form a unique, attractive and durable new fabric.

Splaff Purses, Belts, Bags, Coffee Table & Sandals
Made from recycled race car tires and bicycle inner tubes.

Beer Cap & Soda Cap Belts
Made from recycled seatbelts.

Splaff Sandals
Made from recycled race car tires and bicycle inner tubes.

Vulcana Bracelets, Key Fobs, Shaving Kits, Drink Coasters & Wallets
Made from recycled car tire sheet rubber.

Black Work Boots
The uppers are hemp/cotton, the soles are made from car tires and the tongue padding and insole are recovered foam from upholstery manufacturing. The non-leather reinforcing contains 20% recycled PET from fizzy drink bottles, while the eyelets are made of 80% post-consumer recycled metals and the mid-sole is 100% pre-consumer card from recycled coffee filters, office file folders and post-consumer magazines.

Personalized Bottlecap Belt
Made from a recycled seatbelt.

Recycled Jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, belly chains & hair accessories)
Used metal and rubber washers & cords, alternator wire, and steel cable

Rubber Handbags
Made from used truck & tractor inner tubes.

License Plate Bags
Made from old car license plates.

Duct Tape Fashion Statements
Even duct tape is a fashion statement these days! (Who doesn't have some of that in the garage, right?) Here are some interesting clothes and other fashionable ideas made from 100% duct tape that you might want to consider:

Hand-crafted duct tape items
Choose from wallets, belts, guitar straps, hats, purses, bracelets, folders, backpacks -- even duct tape roses!

Duct Tape Products
Choose from dress shirts, wallets, bracelets, fishing hats, neckties, purses, choker necklaces, and more.

Ducti Products
Choose from watches, wallets, bags, money clips, and purses.

Duct Tape Fashion Accessories
Choose from wedding apparel, holiday costumes, prom & ball attire, footwear, wallets, purses, and other fashion accessories.

Home & Office Supplies From Recycled Car Parts
Street Sign Coasters
Made from salvaged street signs.

Chairs From Recycled Car Parts
Made from recycled car materials: the chair's plastic frame incorporates the recycled material from four car batteries, while the durable mesh fabric back and seat are made from old safety belts.

Vulcana Rubber Placemats
Made from recycled car tires and stitched with hemp.

Tire Swings
Not your everyday tire swing made from recycled car & truck tires.

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