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Jeep Girls Featured In National Magazine

Glamour magazine says 'just don't'


Jeep Girls Like It Topless and Dirty
It seems the fine folks at Glamour magazine don't think highly of Jeep Girls that wear this fine baby doll from AllThingsJeep.com.

Personally, I think it's great! In fact, my wife Lynnette says she would be more than happy to be seen wearing this 'fashion don't'.

If you're not a Jeeper or a Jeep Girl, of course you're not going to get it. But, then again Glamour has never been accused of 'getting it' in my book. I say, Don't get a Glamour - head over to AllThingsJeep.com and buy this baby doll for your baby doll. It's also available in a long sleeve t-shirt.

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