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CB's, Radios & Scanners

CBs have come along way since the "good buddy" days of the 70's. Two-way radios are a great way to keep in touch and communicate while on (or off!) the highway. Here are some helpful guidelines for purchasing your first CB, as well as some little known tips and tricks for finding the best one for you.
Browse product information pages and find great deals on accessories and batteries all over the world.
Access Mobile Electronics
For all your mobile electronic needs: Scanners, Handheld Mobile CB Radios, Marine Radios, CB Radios, Radar Detection and Car Stereos.
Adjusting SWR
Here's how to adjust your SWR on your CB radio.
Amateur Electronic Supply
The world’s largest ham radio dealer.
Antenna FAQ From Firestik
Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about CB antennas.
Antenna Size
Ever wondered how your antenna size affects your CB radio? Here's a quick run-down.
The world's largest franchisee based retail outlet for CB & Scanner equipment.
Bill’s 2 Way
Sales and Service for Amateur, CB, Marine, Scanners, Commercial 2-Way Radio systems.
CB Code List
Learn to decipher what’s being said over the airwaves.
CB Equipment & Selection Guide
Which features do you absolutely need? Which will you likely never use? These tips will help you find the right CB for your needs.
CB Radio Tips
Information about whip antennas, SSB vs AM, hooking up your CB directly to the battery, and minimizing noise interference.
CB Slang
Learn some of the frequently used phrases that will help you when you’re on the road.
Cobra Electronics
Here you’ll find all types of radios, radar detectors, phones, and accessories.
Copper Electronics
Everything you need to get started talking now!
DX Directory
The phonebook... just for radio operators. DX = Long Distance Communications (radio). DIRECTORY = A database containing a listing of names, addresses, and other data, such as telephone numbers, of specific persons, groups or firms.
Firestik Antenna Company
The best CB antenna that money can buy.
How to Install a CB Radio
Here are step by step directions for a CB install in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Installing Your CB
This is a custom install of a Uniden 40 channel CB where the ashtray used to be.
Midland Consumer Radio
All types of radios, scanners, and accessories.
Muir Communications
Two-Way Radio Communications Specialists.
Scanner Master
Police scanners by Uniden, Bearcat scanners, radar detectors, radio scanners antennas, parts and accessories, scanner books, and radio frequencies code guides.
The CB Shop
You can meet all of your CB needs at this one site.
A popular radio and electronics site.
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