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Peter's 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief


After a lengthy search, Peter finally found the '79 Cherokee he was looking for. Looks like time well spent!
1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief

1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief


Ride Description:
I bought my 1979 Cherokee Chief just a couple of months ago after a long 2-1/2 year search for a good one. The paint is not older than a year I think, and is in good shape as is the rest of the car. It's imported from Zwitserland to Holland. The front seats have been replaced. The passenger bench in the back has still the original upholstery and I'm thinking about changeing the front seats to the same again. It has a raised suspension, I don't know the tech details of the undercarriage but I have seen that the rear differential has been changed. The engine is converted to run on gas [LPG] and has a Impco installation with a 90 liter tank on the place where the spare wheel used to be. I try to do as much of the maintenance myself but for more technical problems [when they come] I will have to see the garage for it. Also because I don't have the space to work on it really. Everytime I drive it, it brings a smile to my face and a lot of people approach me at the gas station or giving me the thumbs up on the highway.

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