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Offroad Car Crash Pictures & Videos - 4x4 Trucks, 4WD SUVs & ATVs

Car crash pictures & videos of off road vehicles and ATV 4-wheelers to remind everyone of the dangers involved with off-road driving and 4-wheeling, and to show how much fun the sport of extreme offroading can be when you push your machine to its limits. Lots of on-road car crash photos & movie clips too, involving the most popular offroad vehicles: Jeeps, 4x4 Trucks, and 4WD SUVs.
Car Surfing A DeathDefying Vehicular Stunt That Kills
Car surfing is the act of riding outside of a vehicle while it is moving. People typically do this from SUVs and trucks, because of their greater height and flatter roof structure, but all vehicles are used in car surfing.
ATV Accident Photo: Honda vs Polaris
See how these ATV riders fared when one's Polaris 4 wheeler crashed into a Honda ATV.
Disasterous Car Crash Photos
Scroll down to see all of the photos and descriptions of what caused the accident, as well as the fate of the drivers and passengers in each. Most of these car crashes took place on highways or side streets, as opposed to off-road locations. Nevertheless, they are eye-opening reminders that we are not invincible whenever we are behind the wheel of a vehicle.
Hummer Wrecks - Crash Pictures
Actual crash photos of Hummers involved in accidents.
In-Car Virtual Video Crash
This is fast-paced video footage of an actual offroad crash and roll - viewed from inside the vehicle!
Jeep Cherokee Crash Pictures
These photos of two Jeep Cherokees were provided by EMT ambulance drivers.
Oops and Stucks - 4 Wheeling Mishap Photos
A multi-page collection of pictures showing 4x4 trucks caught in unusual predicaments off road.
Rollover Photos of "Orange Crush" Jeep
An interview and pictures of the owner of a Jeep that's been rolled over on its lid twice.
Stuck Trucks - Pictures of 4x4's Off Road
A collection of 4x4 pickup trucks and SUVs caught in some unique situations. Check out these pictures of stuck trucks off road.
Tellico Off Road 4 Wheeling Tragedy Photos
Pictures and crash stories of some off-road vehicles that didn't survive Tellico offroading.
When 2WD Is Not Enough - Jeep Accident Pictures
See how this girl wrecked her Jeep Cherokee on a slippery road, and ended up doing a bit of off-roading in the process.
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