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California ATV Trails & Tracks - Maps and Directions For ATV Riding

ATV riding trails and offroad tracks, plus maps with directions and GPS coordinates for places to go ATVing in California. Check here for where to ride your 4-wheeler all-terrain vehicle in California.
Alturas Recreation Area
The Alturas resource area encompasses a panorama of diversity, from evergreen forests to rocky lava flows to high desert plains. The recreational opportunities (including OHVs) are as varied as the landscape.
Bradshaw Trail
The Trail is a 65-mile graded road that traverses mostly public land between the Chuckwalla Mountains and the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range. The Trail offers spectacular views of the Chuckwalla Bench, Orocopia Mountains, Chuckwalla Mountains and the Palo Verde Valley.
Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area
With over 1,500 acres of open riding area, Carnegie offers a variety of terrain upon which to ride. Characterized by dry rocky washes, rolling hills and steep, rugged canyons, the park provides a setting for off-highway vehicle users of all skill levels.
Chappie-Shasta Off-Highway Recreation Area
Located 10 miles northwest of Redding, California, Visitors to the rolling, brushy hills near Shasta Lake in northern California will find off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding challenges for all abilities. More than 250 miles of roads and trails are open to motorcyclists, all-terrain vehicle drivers, and four-wheelers.
Cow Mountain Recreation Management Area
This 60,000-acre area offers a variety of recreational opportunities. The northern area is set aside for non-motorized recreation, and the southern area is for off-highway vehicles.
Dumont Dunes
The Dumont Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle Area, also referred to as an Open Area, is an exciting and remote area for off-highway vehicle recreation. Bordered by steep volcanic hills and the slow running Amargosa River, the region is easily recognized from a distance by its distinctive sand dunes
El Mirage Dry Lake OHV Recreation Area
Located in the Mojave Desert on the western edge of San Bernardino County near the Los Angeles County Line, this Off-Highway vehicle riding area attracts a variety of activities.
Favorite Ride Spots
Directions and details to riders' favorite spots including: Dumont Dunes, Clear Creek Water Trails, Shasta offroad park, Glamis Dunes, Porterville OHV Park, Honda Valley, Beaumont Hills, Pismo Dunes, Black Springs Area, Stanislaus National Forest, and Ione/Muddox Quarry.
High Rock Canyon
High Rock Canyon east to High Rock Lake is very rugged and remote and can be driven in four-wheel vehicles by experienced and well equipped explorers.
Hollister Hills
The 800-acre Upper Ranch area, which has about 24 miles of trails, is used for 4-wheel drive recreation and for 4-wheel drive and motorcycle special events; a fenced motocross track is also located here. The Lower Ranch area, a 400-acre area, is set aside for motorcycle and ATV use only, has about 64 miles of trails and several hill climbs.
Hollister Recreation Management Area
An exceptional OHV experience awaits you if you venture into the rugged Clear Creek Management Area. The only public lands managed by this office that provide OHV recreation. Managed as a Limited-Use OHV area, the CCMA offers many miles of roads and trails to the hardy OHV enthusiast, whether the interest be in four-wheeling or single track.
Hungry Valley
Hungry Valley offers 19,000 acres and over 130 miles of scenic trails for motorcycle, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), dune buggys, and 4x4 recreation. All levels of Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) operator skills will be challenged by the wide variety of terrain and trails at Hungry Valley SVRA.
Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area
A varied landscape for the off-highway vehicle driver. It is punctuated by steep red rocky mountains, rolling hills, open valleys, dry lake beds and sandy washes.
Knoxville/Red Elephant Mine Trail
Knoxville's 17,700 acres attract many off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts each year. The landscape is characterized by steep and rolling hills with the vegetation varying from scattered hardwoods and grasses to dense chaparral brush.
Oceano Dunes
This sand dune complex is geologically unique and it provides an impressive playground for off-highway enthusiasts from throughout the United States.
Ocotillo Wells
Over 40,000 acres of magnificent desert are open for off-road exploration and recreation within the boundaries portrayed on this map. Outside the boundaries, to the south and east, large tracts of BLM land (U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management) are also open to off-highway vehicles.
Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area
The area offers off-highway vehicle enthusiasts a variety of interesting terrain and trails for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Beginners as well as experts find the variety of terrain both challenging and enjoyable.
Rasor Off-Highway Vehicle Area
An exiting and more remote area for the off-highway vehicle user. The area has rolling hills, open valleys, and sand dunes that invite the rider willing to travel to this area.
Stoddard Valley OHV Recreation Area
The Stoddard Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area offers a diverse landscape for off-highway vehicle recreation. The area is characterized by steep rocky mountains, rolling hills, open valleys, and winding sandy washes.
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