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Before You Buy a New or Used 4WD SUV or 4x4 Pickup Truck


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The following tips should save you time and money before you go out and buy a new or used four-wheel drive sport-utility vehicle (SUV) or 4x4 pickup truck.

Should You Buy Used?

Check here first for the most highly rated used SUVs and pickup trucks. You'll also learn which used trucks and sport-utes you should stay away from, due to consistently poor ratings.

Should You Buy An SUV?

Before you opt for a sport-utility vehicle, check here for the good points and bad points about owning SUVs.

Should You Buy A Hybrid 4WD Vehicle?

Can you drive an SUV or pickup truck in good conscience these days? If it's a Hybrid you can. Before you buy one, here's everything you need to know about Hybrid cars and the future of Hybrid pickup trucks and SUVs, including the history of Hybrid vehicles, pros and cons of owning Hybrids, a little about how Hybrid cars work, and their 4x4 off road and towing capabilities.

Should You Buy A Vehicle Online?

Check here for a thorough review of the six (6) most popular Online Classifieds websites. Here are the pros and cons of each individual site, as viewed by a potential buyer interested in purchasing a good, used vehicle to use as a daily driver or a as an off road trail rider. Here's how AutoTrader, Cars, Yahoo, Carbuyer, Ebay Motors, and Autobytel did at finding a used 4WD Ford Explorer online.

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