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Bronco Project Vehicles - Photos & Tips For Modifying Your Ford Bronco

Bronco photos, tips and tricks for doing modifications and restorations yourself. Great ideas to help and inspire you with your own mods on a Ford Bronco project vehicle. Each includes at least one step-by-step procedure telling you how to do the modification yourself. Lots of great tech tips for Bronco owners here!
Brett's 1979 Bronco 4x4
An entire web site dedicated to the restoration of this '79 Bronco. Excellent detail and photographs of the engine components, drive train components, cockpit components, on-board electronics, stereo components, and more!
Brian's 1989 Eddie Bauer
Excellent step-by-step details and photos for: Accessory Wiring, Electric Fan Install, Front & Rear Axle Installs, Rollcage, Alternator Replacement, On-Board Air System, Remote Shock Controller Install, Vent Line Extensions, Brake System Upgrade, and Superlift Install.
Dusty's 1971 Bronco Sport
This owner decided to tear it down and build it back up into a modern multi-purpose off-road vehicle. Great photos and specs.
Gary's 1979 "Killer Bronco"
Here's how he has modified his Bronco to handle most any off-road condition. Check out his recommendations for a lift kit and traction devices. And he's got detailed instructions for replacing the rear main seal & oil pan, water pump, and timing chain.
Grizzly's 1978 "Big Bronco Adventure"
Check out the roll cage install and remanufactured transmission on a budget!
Jim's 1977 Bronco "Mr. Ed"
See the story of how this project vehicle was created. Be sure to check out the "new work on Mr. Ed" link at the bottom for details about all the upgrades.
Jon's 1973 Bronco "WussyTruck"
Mods include: power steering, front disc brake conversion, power brake conversion, suspension lift, body lift, fender flares, exhaust system, engine work, transmission, dual-battery system, front bumper, roll cage, soft top, axles, lockers and gears - to name just a few.
Kelli's 1969 Bronco "Wildfire"
Follow along as this owner tried to completely rebuild a Bronco in only two weeks! More details about the modifications can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Canyon/8407/bronco2.html.
Mark's 1966 Bronco Wagon "Quicksilver"
Check out the before and after shots of this Bronco, as well as details of the following modifications: exterior, chassis/suspension, engine/drivetrain, and interior.
Matt's 1973 Bronco "Explorer"
This is the "budget bronco buildup" and what it took to get the job done. Each step of the buildup process is thoroughly detailed, including pictures.
Monster N8's 1973 "Nasty Bronco"
Great mods including: Roll cage, Disc brakes, Seats/belts, Suspension, Rear axle, 351w/carb, Body lift, and Windshield upgrade - plus lots more.
MRM's 1978 Bronco
See how this owner took parts from an F250 and rebuilt this '78 Bronco. Check out his Dana 60 front axle swap, axle/lift/gear upgrade, and BW1356 transfer case swap, among others.
Paul's 1977 Bronco
This owner set off to improve his Bronco with the following goals in mind: Improve off road performance, improve road performance, improve durability, improve reliability, and cut no sheet metal. Check out the details about how he installed a two-inch lift, as well as his frame and body tweaks.
Paul's 1979 Bronco Ranger XLT "Megalodon"
LOTS of great tech how-to's in the following categories: engine, transmission, cooling, interior, suspension, and accessories/electrical.
Rob's 1972 Bronco "Bearsden"
Some great modification write-ups covering all aspects of this restoration project: suspension, power steering, brakes, engine, interior modifications, and more.
Rocky Road's 1977 Camper Bronco (Video)
Have you ever seen a Camper Bronco? Here are video clips - everything from exterior shots (front, back, and side views), underneath & suspension, engine, and interior.
Shem's 1971 Bronco "Tank"
This one's been through some intense modifications, and the details are all here. Learn about changes done to the following: exterior, engine/drivetrain, interior, chassis/suspension, and more.
Stephen's 1995 Eddie Bauer
Check out the factory equipment on this Bronco, as well as the "aftermarket page" with all the items he added. His detailed experiences with different tires could be most helpful.
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