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Books About 4-Wheeling and 4WD Vehicles

The best books for researching facts or leisure reading about the sport of 4-wheeling off road in 4x4 pickup trucks, SUVs and ATVs. Great for gathering regional information about 4wheeling in different parts of the country, as well as tips for improving your off-road skills, and 4x4 books for kids of all ages.
4-Wheel Freedom: Art of Off-Road Driving
The book, 4-Wheel Freedom by Brad DeLong contains a wealth of information that will be valuable for all - from the novice to the hard core rock crawler. Some people blindly rely on winches or lockers to get them un-stuck, but after reading this book, you will much less likely to get stuck in the first place. Don't miss the links below to details and reviews.
4-Wheeler's Bible
In the 4-Wheeler's Bible, Jim Allen is a veteran 4wheeler and off road writer who gives you an insider's look at off-road vehicles, accessories, and techniques you can use out on the trail. Learn what works, how it works, what to do, and what to avoid. Get an overview of each chapter here!
Auto Math Handbook
John Lawlor's Auto Math Handbook is written at a high-school level, so everything's been stripped down to lay terms. There's arithmetic and algebra, and even a little geometry, but no calculus. Armed with only a cheap calculator, the average auto buff can use the book to easily compute such things as brake horsepower, torque, center of gravity, air capacity, and even blood-alcohol content.
Books About Jeeps
A fine collection of Willys Jeep books.
Desert Backroad Trail Books
An overview of several books on 4-wheel drive trails in the California, Utah, and Arizona areas. You'll find the authors and a brief description. Then you can search for these books in your local bookstore, library or online.
Ford's 4x4 History
This paperback book covers every 4x4 built by Ford since the mid 1930's. Included are favorites such as the Ford Jeep, Bronco, Bronco II, Ranger and Explorer. Graphs, drawings, specification sheets and promotional materials round out this exciting photo history book.
Several different guidebooks which cover trails in California, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado and Utah, as well as books about the basics of 4 wheeling.
Jack Bickers Guide Books
Pick up one of Jack Bickers' guide books, and you'll think you're already in Moab Canyon Country. Choose from The Labyrinth Rims (a detailed description of all points on both sides of the Green River), 40 Grand Trails (details about the 40 eastern roads branching from the Deadhorse Point Road), or Tenmile (describes the full 16-mile run from prairie level to Green River bottom).
Jeep Bible
Written by Granville King especially for the Jeep Cult. Includes information about 1941 to 1986 Jeeps, CJ history and tips for repairs and modifications. View detailed chapter highlights here.
Jeep Owner's Bible
Moses Ludel discusses Jeep maintenance and performance upgrades, as well as the evolution of the Jeep from Military Jeeps to CJs to wagons to Commandos to Wranglers. And if you'll soon be buying a Jeep, he addresses what to look for in both new and used Jeeps, as well as off-road driving tips.
Jeep Performance Handbook
In the Jeep 4X4 Performance Handbook, author Jim Allen debunks the myths and leads you directly to the best products. He explains which bolt-on parts, swaps, and modifications will give you the most bang for the buck for your CJ or Wrangler (TJ or YJ) as well as Cherokees and Grand Cherokees.
Motor Oil Bible (ebook)
A complete, yet easy to understand, resource for learning all you need to know about oil lubrication and filtration. If you are serious about protecting your vehicle's engine and value your time and money, you NEED this eBook - The Motor Oil Bible by Michael Kaufman.
Off Highway Guide Books
Guide books filled with the best 4-wheeling tips for off road travel in California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Arizona.
Plastic Bodywork Repair Book
Learn how to repair plastic bodywork. Inside you'll find practical, money-saving techniques for ATV body repairs.
Review of "Shifting Into 4WD" Book
The best and worst parts about Harry Lewellyn's book, "Shifting Into 4WD" are highlighted in this book review.
Shifting Into 4WD
This SUV owner's 4WD handbook by Harry Lewellyn (AKA the Silver Coyote) teaches you how to use your 4WD vehicle off-highway.
Untold Automotive Secrets
The car secrets everyone is talking about. If you own a car, truck or sport utility vehicle, you need this book. The Untold Automotive Secrets covers in detail all three categories of your car expenses: repairing your car, tips and secrets to use in your everyday driving, and buying a new or used car. It applies to all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs.
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