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Top 6 Books To Improve Offroad Driving Skills


From beginner to novice, everyone needs a tip or new technique to practice before going offroad. Add a few of these titles to your offroad library before heading for the trails.

1. 4-Wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-Road Driving - Paperback

4-Wheel Freedom
Whether you're thinking about buying a 4wd vehicle or are already an experienced 4-wheeler... Learn how to drive on snow, ice, rocks, mud and hills, plus how to choose and use off-road tires, winches and other specialty gear. Every 4WD owner should own this handy book. Written by Brad DeLong, 1997.
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2. Four Wheel Drive Handbook - Paperback

This is a good, informative handbook for someone just starting out with a four-wheel drive vehicle. Written by Cameron A. Warren and James T. Crow, 1976.
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3. Four Wheel Drive/Off Road, Off Limits - Hardcover

A full-color, up-to-date look at a range of popular and adventurous vehicles is loaded with technical specifications and details, and includes coverage of Jeeps, Explorers, Blazers, Pathfinders, and Land Cruisers. Written by Graham Scott, 1995.
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4. 4WD Driving Skills

A 4WD manual for on- and off-road travel. Written by Vic Widman
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5. Off-Road Recovery Techniques - Paperback

This is a practical handbook that provides some good safety information, and recommends a very comprehensive toolkit. The gadgets and tricks mentioned here are well suited to four-wheeling in general. Written by by Nick Cole, 1996.
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6. Offroad 4WD: Choosing, Using & Maintaining Go Anywhere Vehicles - Hard

This book has good experience and insight to offer. The British point-of-view makes the book a bit quirky and centered on Land Rovers, but offers a refreshing perspective. You won't find the "fat tire", "bigger is better" mentality here. Good information on self-reliant get there and back 4-wheeling is what this book is about. Written by Jack Jackson, 1999.
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