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Nuts and Bolts Parts Guide - Pictures & Facts For Using Nuts and Bolts

All you need to know about nuts and bolts and other types of fasteners, including washers. Everything from stuck bolt removal for old rusty bolts to visual examples, pictures, and graphical illustrations to help you identify different types of bolts. Plus, how to know when to use a certain type of bolt.
Bolt Examples
Real life visual examples and pictures of different types of bolts. A comparison of several grades of bolt fasteners against each other, with each of their benefits and problems.
Bolt Identification Guide
Excellent graphical and text descriptions of different types of bolts including visual markings, specifications, and applications for many types of bolts. Helps you identify various bolts and know when to use which type of bolt for which type of project.
Bolt Torque Guide
An explanation of bolt torque values, and reasons why bolts must be torqued properly. Lots of great information about torqueing bolts, as well as torque ratings for various grades, threads pitches and diameters.
Fastener Info At The Bolt Depot
A variety of helpful charts and tables related to the use and identification of nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. They also offer a number of printable "lay over charts" that can be used to easily identify the diameter and thread pitch of various bolts.
Nuts, Bolts & Washers... How Do You Decide?
Some tips about nuts and bolts and washers to help you decide how to fasten things together on your off road vehicles. This FAQ provides a great nuts and bolts guide for when to use which type of fastener.
Stuck Bolt Removal
If you've got an old, rusty, stuck bolt that you just can't get out, try this.
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