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Herculiner Do-it-Yourself Brush-on Bed Liner For Trucks, Jeeps & More

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Herculiner Bed Liner Kit

Herculiner Brush-on Bed Liner Kit: Do-It-Yourself

The Bottom Line

You can protect your pickup truck bed (or Jeep/Bronco interior) from scratches and rust with an affordable do-it-yourself brush-on bedliner kit from Herculiner -- for years of heavy duty use.

Herculiner can also be used as an automotive undercoating, for protecting trailers, hitch receivers, grill and trim around headlights, bumpers, door jams, flares, roof racks, mirrors, nerf bars, roll bars, wheel wells, skid plates, ramps, 4x4 tubs, marine decks, walkways, steps and more.

  • Helps to dampen some of the road noise.
  • Easy enough to do it yourself.
  • It's repairable, since it bonds to itself... just touch it up with more Herculiner!
  • Is so professional in appearance, that most people think it's a spray-on bedliner, and that you paid
  • Prevents things from sliding around in the back due to its slightly bumpy texture
  • Nearly impossible to remove from skin.
  • Red, gray and white kits cost more than black.
  • Has tendency to fade to grey with prolonged exposure to sunlight, but the luster can be restored.
  • May tend to get tacky (gooey) in the summer's heat.
  • Cannot let the liquid pool up too much in any spot or it will crack in those areas.


  • An affordable alternative to plastic drop-in and messy spray-on bed liners
  • Available in black, gray, red and white
  • Bonds to painted/primed steel, metal, aluminum, concrete, wood, asphalt, plastic, rubber, fiberglass
  • Must be applied in a well ventilated area and the Herculiner smell can linger for up to a week later
  • You can't rush the prep phase; the more you scuff the surface, the better the Herculiner will adhere
  • Can be cleaned with Spic'n Span (rinse throughly). Can restore Herculiner's luster with Armor-all
  • The end result after the recommended 2 coats isn't quite as thick as that of a sprayed-in liner
  • Most are happiest when they apply a 3rd or 4th coat for even greater durability and longevity
  • Has a long shelf-life... If unopened, a can of Herculiner can be stored for several years
  • Can be applied with a brush/roller or with a spray compressor

Guide Review - Herculiner Do-it-Yourself Brush-on Bed Liner For Trucks, Jeeps & More

The kit includes most everything you'll need to do the job yourself:
  • one gallon of Herculiner textured polyurethane coating (covers one 6-ft. truck bed with two coats)
  • one application brush
  • two rollers
  • one roller handle
  • one abrasive cleaning pad
  • one can opener
  • detailed instructions for priming your truck bed and applying the liner

NOTE: Before you start the project, it is strongly advised that you purchase one Quart of Xylene, Acetone or MEK (to finish the prep work by deglazing the surface of the truck bed before coating), an extra quart of Herculiner (just in case), some chemical-resistant rubber gloves, a stir stick (or use a drill with a paint mixing attachment), a paint tray and some rags, 2" wide blue painters tape for masking off areas. Xylene can also be used to remove the Herculiner product if it spills or gets on your skin. For faster results from roughing up the surface before you apply Herculiner, consider using the sanding attachment on your drill.

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